Wednesday, November 5, 2008


That sounds so good! Its amazing that there are still some African Americans that dont realize what an impact this is on our lives. This man isnt just our president, hes an icon! Hes a father who takes care of his kids and is there for them no matter what! Hes a father who knows the true meaning of family! Im so proud to have witnesses this moment in my lifetime and was able to tell my son that Barack Obama is his New President. Although he has no idea of whats going on and what an impact this will have on his life, Im proud that for at least 4 years (God Willing) he will have another Black Man to look up to. We as a people have been through so much that no one of any other race will ever understand! We as a people have that bond. Theres conversations we can have with each other that we cant have with another race! Its sad that some of us dont realize that. Im so blessed to have grown up with strong male and female figures in my family but Ive also been blessed with many beyond that such as Oprah! On a more personal note, many of you have been keeping up with my blog and sending messages and a few comments, I just want you all to know I appreciate the constant support and encouragement.

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yes historic, now lets see what changes in america.
i just hope the red states
dont desire to return to the history pre 1960