Monday, November 3, 2008

Brays 1st Halloween!!!!!

Braylon was Tigger for Halloween and he was a biiiiig hit! He loved being in his lil outfit and he was sooooo cuuuuuute! OMG I have to admit I have the best baby in the world! Hes soooo animated and such a flirt. I have sooo many stories its ridiculous. Hes starting to say his own name and hes found a new Favorite Game. Its called drop/push the toy off the table and laugh when Mommy picks it up and brings it back. He did this a few months ago but I think it was mainly for development purposes. Now he does it to get a big laugh from himself and me. Hes also started running and speaking his own language. Theres so many words I dont understand I just call it Brayguage! I cant tell you how much fun he is. I know everyone says the same thing about their child but I hear it from everyone that hes the happiest baby theyve ever met and that Im a good mom. Say Im bragging I dont care but thats what they say lolol. He was the Best Tigger Everrrrr! My little Moo Moo!

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