Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hello Hello!
Well after the longest weekend ever I am happy to say Fantashique is now OFFICIAL! We had our 1st MAJOR photoshoot on Saturday and the girls look SIKKKK! OMG Im soooo excited about how the photos came out! Stay tuned later on in the week for a few photos or visit for a few details on what and who we are! Peace out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ESPN "Outside the Lines"

Well, Hello Hello!
First and foremost I want to thank those of you who have been sending me emails, myspace and facebook messages supporting the decision I made to do the interview. It was done back in late October when I was going through a lot of drama dealing with threats, defamation of character and slandor. My purpose for doing the show was not only to have a voice for myself but all the other females out there who may date an athlete in the spotlight or not, as well as a lawyer, doctor, or anyone who society deems as a person living in a high lifestyle. They gave me a chance to speak on behalf of the woman who dont fit the stereotype regardless of what others may say. I know people will continue to talk negatively about me and find something wrong with me doing the show but Ive gotten so much praise and thank yous it really doesnt matter. I have never been 1 to sit around and let ANYONE assume things about me. Im stronger than that and I will always stand up for myself. Thats the difference between being a Leader and a Follower. Ill always be a leader and Ill always be strengthened not only by God and my Faith but also by my courage and pride. God NEVER makes mistakes! Lastly, I want to thank ESPN for letting me do the interview and making sure I came across fair and real. They didnt sugarcoat nor did they twist my words. I appreciate that and have a whole new respect for them as a company. Thank you! Below are a few of the emails I received that really meant a lot to me and that I will keep close to my heart! Lovies uuuuu!

-----I am single dad who pays child support, and i wanted to let you know, that you spoke with class and came across genuine. You shattered the typical sterotypes of most moms. I sometimes feel like men get screwed in court, but i believe in you and your thoughts.

-----I saw your interview on ESPN and I felt extremely bad for what you have to go through being mother of a famous persons child. Just about what you said about the names people call you and make judgements on you w/o knowing the whole story or even who you are as a person.
I too went through that. My daughters mom is a Pastor's kid. She wasnt the tipical freak that we tag preachers kids as; she was an angel in the eyes of all. After she got pregnant I was just the dude who moved from philly with no other agenda but to get her pregnant. And after our relationship fell apart it got worse w/people's comments. I became extremely depressed and actually started believing I was what they called me.
Well enough of my story, I wrote this to just say that not all people who don't know you think those bad things about you. You look as if you really have that mother child connection in love w/your son. All that matters in the end is that God is pleased with what you did as a person and parent.
Wish you the best

-----"There is no way she can be of this world!" Never before had they seen such a beautiful girl. So sweet and innocent was she, everyone swore they were all in the same dream. Was she from down south? Was she from up north? or was there an angel right here on earth?

-----Hey Royce, my name is T. I just want to let u know that I'm proud of u and I look up to ur strength..I know how it feels to have haters come against you..I'm a cast member of the new season of (xxxxxxxxx) and the experience was horrible, so I just am being strong by looking at people like u and Vanessa Williams who have faced adversity by a lot of people and keep pushing..I'm and dancer and I've looked up to u and K since I was in high school when u did the magic..just want to tell u to keep being strong because when u do people like me find strength when u continue to press on! You are definetly one of my role models.. stay blessed girl

-----Hi Royce, Im not trying to sound silly, but my guy isn't an allstar, yours is. So hearing that from you, will reach a greater audience I think. Not that the rest of us shouldn't sign off on what was said, because I most certainly do, but we wouldn't have gotten the headlines like you did and I know from a few other ladies in our situation are very VERY happy about what you did. I almost feel like we should all write to like baller alert and media take out and be like screw you. But they'd prolly twist it into the trashy pretty rich wives attack. So whatever, I defend you. Don't worry. Every chance I get.

-----Thanks. You took a risk for a lot of women like me, and I appreciate it, I really do! I hope to see you when they play the kings girl! I will most definitely fly down for that one

-----Royce, I do not know you (you already know this), but I watched ESPN's On the Line segment, and I would just like to say I am really proud of how you handled yourself. I have never been put in your situation, but it always makes me happy to see an College-Educated, and Strong Black Woman, portray herself in the manner that you did. God always finds a way to use someone else's struggle and strength to encourage others, and I hope that your story will be able to help someone else out there. It's really unfortunate that there are people out there who can slander someone's character, they are about as bitter as McCain was when he called Obama "That One". Either way, I'm ranting... God Bless, and best of luck with your future endeavors!


-----Your son has a great mom in you. Good job on your interview. Much respect!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Thoughts...

You know...
Its weird how some days I can feel so in control of my life and then others I just melt down. Its really hard being a single mother and as much as I love my son I need my breaks just like anyone else. I feel so bad sometimes when I say that because I love each and every moment I spend with him but with me trying to start this new company since the Dance Studio had to close Im always stressed. I find myself lashing out alot or just being mean sometimes. I dont do it on purpose but when your life seems to never slow down you start losing yourself. Theres also the saying "Misery loves company" and omg it is sooo true. I find myself caring about what people say and letting their words get to me when all theyre trying to do is bring me down. That being said theres another saying "When they stop talking is when you need to worry" and thats the one I want to believe in. As long as my name is in peoples mouths that means Im doing something right enough to make them envious of me. Therefore keep talkin ish youre makin me famous and I LOVE IT! With that epiphany, however, I now have some help and its truly a blessing! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and Im able to Live and Love unconditionally without the stress and worrying about drama! Im definitely human and Ive definitely made some mistakes in my life or decisions I may not not have repeated had I known the way they wouldve turned out but not one of those mistakes or decisions I question have ANYTHING to do with my son. I will never question Gods Gift nor will I question the trials and obstacles he puts me through. I believe all the stress, drama, tears, screams, fights, etc were ways on testing me and my faith. Will I always kneel or will I walk away? I made a promise a year and a half ago that I will live through him. No, Im not perfect and no I have not completely lived these past months strictly through him but thats the point. Im not God! Im not supposed to be Him. Im supposed to be Royce and try my hardest and with that pleasing myself, my son, and my God. I am trying. I fall sometimes but a Saint is just a sinner who fell down and GOT UP! So Im gonna always get up, Im gonna always stand! It make take a few hours, days, weeks, even months but I will stand and I will be proud of myself and walk with my head held high when I do it.