Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know ive been EXTREMELY GHOST! I apologize! Life has been GREAT what can I say. This year has been awesome so far and everything is looking up! God is good and his WORD is definitely real! Ive been slapped a few times to get back on the right track and do the right thing and he is soooo good! If you are in touch with your Savior you are missing out! He is so blessing and he is always on time when you need him. I praise him everyday, some more than others to be honest but I KNOW he is real! Life is going great! Ive had a few trials and trials and tribulations but I got past it. The Devil is always at work but Ive learned how to not let him win! Ive been working hard and raising my handsome little boy. He bust his lip 4 the 1st time and I almost freaked out but I had to play it off cuz it was in front of a lot of people. Other than that hes doing great! So blessed! Thanks for your prayers and Ill try to post more!