Sunday, September 21, 2008

Theres no me without you...

OMG is that not the BEST line ever in a movie! Sorry I just finished watching a DVD called "A Good Man Is Hard To Find". It reminds me of a Tyler Perry movie. It was really good. Yes, im into those type of movies. I like the messages and it gives you a feeling of hope or just makes you all bubbly inside at the end. Ha! Anyways, a lil update on what Ive been up to the past few weeks besides the studio. I chilled with my girls (yes girls...shocking I know since I dont have a lot of chick friends) and we had a ball. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando and sent the guy back so many times I thought he was gonna spit in our food and drinks but FYI the lemonade was spoiled! It was so gross! We also packed up my car and spent a night on the town (city) in Tampa for the weekend and had the best time ever! Did yall know Splitsville had Sushi??? It was sooooooo good. Dont sleep on Splitsville it was great! They did piss us off tho when they said we couldnt bring our Wet Willies cups inside but every1 was walkin by us with kegs...okay im exaggerating but they had beer and other mixed drinks. I guess since our cups said Wet Willies that was a problem so we just poured them in a clear plastic cup and kept it movin. Needless to say it was a memorable night that ended with some hair pulling...yea...i wont elaborate...just notice im not driving...but we're in my car. lolol. Enough said!

Hmmmm what else.....What did the apple say to the orange? Hello....hahahahaha some1 told me that a while ago and i was rolling because it was so dumb lolol. omg im laughing by myself rt now...hahahahaha! Anyways, my lil boy is really close to walking. He stands on his own and takes 1 step then plops on the floor. Its hilarious. Besides him drooling in my mouth (gross) and throwing up on my sofa (double gross) hes my life! I love him more than i love myself! Now moving on to today...
Can we say FAMU FAMU FAM got Damn U alright alright alright! We straight up kicked Howards ass today! It was 41-6 at halftime! So sad! lolol. I had to leave some1 a post about it earlier but Im sure he wont write back. Its okay, i understand its embarrassing lolol. Just kidding D.O. Well, thats all for now. I had some funny stories but I cant remember them right now. Im trynna get up in the morning for Church so Imma cut it short! Till later! Hollerrrrr!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I know Im Behind Already

Okay Okay Okay... I know Im weeks behind but just to give u an update on my life. Ive been really working hard on getting this dance studio ready. Its coming together beautifully and Im extremely excited. The final part and main part which is the dance floor comes in on Monday. Im sooooo anxious to see it put together. Its a state of the art Sprung Dance Floor so its gonna be siiicccckkkk! The Ballet Barres came in finally so ive been putting those together and all the marketing memorabilia such as the pens, water bottles, shirts and hoodies (yes hoodies in FL but it gets cold sometimes ppl) are here! We had our photoshoot also so Ill be posting those pics soon also. Ive been getting quite a few phone inquiries about the studio too so Im happy about that. I dont expect all 22 classes to fill up in the 1st few months but hopefully by the end of the year Ill be breaking even. It honestly brings tears to my eyes because this studio is a life long dream of mine and its finally coming true. I have my own business, a dream business and its 100% MINE!!!!! Sole owner! Diversity Dance Company, LLC! Woop Woop On a side note...
Braylon is 10 months old and hes a complete ham! I love him soooo much! Thats my life! Our life! Things are better and God is Good so Yaaaay God! I know this isnt much for a blog but at least you know Im still here! I promise to write more before Monday. Im sure Ill have quite a few funny stories to catch u up on! Till later...Hollerrrrrrrr!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vice President Who???

Okay seriously,
I didnt wanna have to do this but I have to. Is it me or is McCain and his whole party full of it? Ive been watching the Republican Natl Convention merely for sh!ts and giggles and thats exactly what I got. Every speaker theyve had has yet to say what they want to do, or how theyre going to do it. Its always bashing Obamas campaign and even his family...I thought that subject was off limits? What made me write this post was Sarah Palin...I thought her speech was absolutely ridiculous. It was like she was kissing his ass. She never once mentioned what she was going to do, or how she would try to help McCain. Sooo exactly what is she supposed to be bringing to the table? All I saw and heard was either negativity or her giving all McCains accolades. Well, she was also talking about her family a lot but again WHO IS SHE? Who is Sarah Palin? I want to know about her! Regardless if Im voting Republican or not, I still want to know what SHE PLANS TO DO OR HER ADVICE TO OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT WHO IS NOW 72! If you listen to her speech again, you'll notice what I mean. Its crazy. So she was in the PTA and a Soccer Mom...SO! What I also found hilarious was how fake the reactions could even see the panel being told "kiss the baby", "smile", "look serious", "stand up". Wow! Im not gonna blog about this too long but my last comment is on how monkey see monkey do McCain is. Everything Barack does, well, he does it too. This is so sad. If America really votes that man into office, we are going into a National Depression. This man thinks its the poor people fault theyre living in poverty. But like Obama said "What boots?". lolol Im out, Ill Holla!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Okay...sooooo I dont like bugs! I think theyre ugly and their eyes just look like theyre out to get me. When I was younger and dumb I used to play with them...Id catch Dragonflies, let those big grasshoppers crawl on my arm, I had an ant farm, and I even saved the life of a baby lizard by pumping its stomach with one of those little air compressor things with the tiny lil tube on it. NOW?! Lets just say a lot has changed. That being said...welcome to my day....
First it started out fairly well, I woke up at 11:20AM due to a phone call reminding me I had to be at the Bridal Store by noon (I made it), we went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory (I treated), and then I headed to my new home...the Dance Studio. As I walked in I realized Id left the air on really low and it was freezing. So, I walked to the back and I turned the air up. When I turned around I swear I almost fainted. It was the biggest SPIDER I have EVER seen in my LIFE! It looked like a Dinosaur Spider. When I tell you I almost killed myself trynna get around that thing. I jumped over the ladder and fell into the pile of empty boxes. I then proceeded to knock over the ladder the painters left standing and tipped over a bucket of paint colored water. After that I ran so fast down that room you'd think I was Usain Bolt! As if that wasnt enough, when I walked back down the room with a piece of plywood to smash the life out of it, I couldnt find it. So basically that means theres a big ass spider in my studio that is probably laughing its ugly eyes off at me waiting for its next big chance to embarrass me. Please believe however, when I go in tomorrow I taking 3 bombers to make sure it and all its babies are gone! I know I sound so awful right now but between spiders and roaches I DONT DO THEM!

On a good note, the Graffiti Artist came in and started on the Black Wall. It looks soooooo good OMG! Im soooo excited! I order an air dancer to place outside the studio also (you know those taaaalllll air people that flail their arms in the air). Other than that Im just organizing all the classes and waiting on all the big stuff to come in like the rest of the furniture for the waiting area and student area, the barres for the wall (yes its spelled barres, im not slow), and of course the dance floor. I still have a few things to do on the paperwork side but for the most part I think I can finally breathe.

Braylon update: Hes trying so hard to walk. He can stand by himself for about 5-10 seconds depending on his stance and hes clapping a lot. Hes also loving the fact that he can shake his head no and actually realize what it means. Im loving being a mom. I never knew Id be able to do all this and take care of a baby, so Im pretty proud of myself. All he does is laugh, smile, talk and play. Hes actually easy to take care of so Ive been blessed with an angel. People keep telling me hes like that because Im a good mom and for some reason I always get teary eyed when I hear that because I want him to be proud of me. Not a day goes by I dont thank God for him. Thats my life! Hes my soul and until I have a ring on my finger and a Husband...he's my everything....and even still I may give my hubby about 10 percent lolol just kidding! Till later...Ill holla!

Keep the Hurricane Victims in your prayers!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay, so I must admit...I looked sooooo good 2nite it should be illegal. I was jealous of myself. I know that may sound cocky but if you had seen me...oooooweeeee it was SICK! I meant to take a picture but everytime I was about to I ended up doing something else. By the time I got out of the club my hair sweated out and I was a lil tipsy. Therefore, it wouldnt have been a fierce picture, but trust me, I looked HOT! I almost tried to holla at myself when I looked in the mirror. hahahahaha, Well, Im extremely tired and I have to let the Graffiti artist in the Studio sometime tomorrow so Im gonna call it a night! I see a lot of you are reading my blog and I appreciate it. I got the idea from a few friends who thought it would be a great way for me to release but I didnt know Id get almost 250 hits in 3 days! Thanks for the love even tho yall dont leave comments lolol. Ive noticed a few interesting people on blogspot also. Its good to see so many career oriented and goal driven individuals. I enjoy reading their blogs as they reach certain milestones. It gives our generation hope! Till later, Ill holla!