Monday, November 3, 2008


Waddup Fam, Friends, and Fans! I dont know why I keep forgetting to talk about the dance studio but its going well. I do have a fraud case pending because someone stole 3000<--- yes you read that right...from my business account. Other than that Im happy. I had a pretty bad month in October but I promised myself to erase the drama which means I erased people that caused it. I guess thats not going over to well but the fact is that you dont have to be in my life to be in someone elses. Thats with friends of friends or even with family. It is what it is ya know lolol. I do think a few people need to read up on people who need certain procedures because its so obvious when theyre lying hahahaha. That was mean but oh so true. Lol I find it hilarious. We were laughing about it the other day like how dumb can you beeeeee! Anyways, back to the studio! Its going really well! Everyone who comes by LOVES the look of it and our style. I didnt realize how many lives I touched in my prime and its still growing! I have my own company thats doing well...I have a career! My Dream Job! I hated sitting behind a desk working for other people and not making what I felt I should! I feel bad for those working dead end jobs just to get a paycheck! I do get a lot of questions asking why Im working when I have money but the fact is I AM NOT A KEPT WOMAN! I cant sit around living off someone elses paycheck! I dont need a Captain Save A... I need my career. I dont see how people do it. Just sit around everyday and do nothing. Whats the point in going shopping if you have no where to go but TO THE MALL, or TO A SINGLE EVENT! Thats boring and shouldnt it be a turnoff?! Would yall seriously want to talk to me if I did nothing all day but chill or go shopping??? Yall would think the lies on those comment boards were right! I would look completely like a Golddigger then lolol. OMG my parents would kill me anyways hahaha. I love yall for keepin it real though. Thanks for your support and telling me when I wrong or when Im right! I appreciate it soooo much! Great advice from Great people! xoxoxo!

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