Thursday, November 20, 2008

FAMU VS BCU Classic Weekend

Whats up yall?! As most of you already know I am a Rattler and this weekend marks CLASSIC WEEKEND! The largest HBCU Classic in the World. YES ITS PROVEN so dont think Im just giving my opinion. This classic STILL hold the record for the Citrus Bowl here in Orlando with over 80,000 fans in the stands! Ive been sick the past few days but its hasnt kept me from taking Bray to the Character Breakfast and Seaworld for his 1st Birthday. Hes 1! OMG time flies and hes such a blessing! Just look at the picture from the day he was born till now. Hes grown so much! I love it but I miss it 2! Its going a little too fast! Well like I said this cold or whatever I have... It wont keep me from the game and goin out, nor will it keep me from Brays party on Sunday. If youre not in Orlando this weekend I feel sorry for you lolol just kidding but you will miss a great weekend! Goooo FAMU!!! As much as that school put me thru I realize it was all to teach me to get thru hard times and make me stronger.

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