Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong (UPDATE)

Ok, Now its my turn to address the situation that has been going on. 1st and foremost I dont post on message boards nor do I tell anyone to post on any message boards. Anyone who knows me knows Im the type of person you love or you hate. I dont lie and I dont sugarcoat. Ive always been an extremely blunt person and have always told ppl dont ask me a question you dont really want to know the answer to. With that said, YES i have an injunction that forbids me to say a certain name and guess what ITS NO SKIN OFF MY BACK. I signed it, it wasnt court ordered or forced on me by a judge so that misconception is wrong! I have a College Degree (working on getting my Masters), im not stupid, I know what I can and cant say or do! TRUST! Now, moving on, I have a 2yr old to raise and no1 is thinking about what hes going to hear when he gets older and what i wont be able to shield him from. Everything I say or do, I think about him and how he will feel about it when he gets older. I get frustrated like every other woman in the world so dont judge me but I know you will. In reference to things being said....lemme say you will soon see, I dont bite my tongue much. If I say something about anyone or anything, I say it as ME, as ROYCE REED! Not anyone else! Not any anonymous person on the internet hiding behind a fake name HENCE THE INJUNCTION! To anyone who does that ummm....If youre SO REAL why are hiding behind a message board with emoticon avatars and screen names that barely make any sense? Just a question. Please believe I respect a person more that tells me to my face they dont like me vs trash talking over the web. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion including me but difference is...its Royce's opinion not gentlesexyboo or any other names ppl decide to make up...yes, i just made that up, feel free to use it if its not taken. Anyways, im not gonna spend much time on this but i will say the best defense is truth and it will come out. I havent lost any sleep over any of this because Ive never lied about anything and I have proof! My only suggestion is, before any1 places judgment based off of what someone they trust has said because they dont BELIEVE they would lie to them, get both sides to the story. Im no longer mad at or dislike a lot of ppl because after talking to a few I realize a lot of lies were told that they too believed. I cant help that and now things have gotten so out of hand this has to play out in the Public Eye. I can only say that my son is extremely happy, hes very smart, loves school and doesnt know what is going on. I can say Ive done my research and read up on the pros and cons of my situation and im making the best out of it. I can say that I am truly loved and appreciated by those that matter and a smile is still on my face. I wake up every day to a cheesy dimpled smile that says "Mommy, I love you". Thats all I need and all this other MESS is on the back burner.

Im very proud of my son and like any other proud parent I enjoy showing him off on my PRIVATE facebook and Twitter accounts. Who doesnt? My child will NOT grow up in a bubble! Obama is our President and we know what school his kids go to. We see them everywhere. No1 is passing judgment on how much his daughter are seen in magazines are they? I protect my son everyday and I use discretion! But my bad, I 4got that all the actors, actresses, athletes, doctors, teachers, McDonalds workers in the world dont have high profile children. OOPS! What WAS I thinking? Im supposed to pretend he doesnt exist. Kinda like how no1 knew abt him till he was 2mos old. lol...Anyways, on the contrary, my son is my heart and I will NEVER put him in any compromising or dangerous situations! I look on my friends/family pages and see pics of their kids all the time. What is the difference? Lastly, I have NOT PLASTERED photos of him all over the internet and I find it funny the 1's u do see are at what location/venue? Who took those and allowed them to be everywhere? I had no sayso, if i did...I wouldve smiled for the camera! I only post pics with him alone or with me, my family, or friends.<-catch that? Anyways, I grew up with a prideful family... So will my son!

To everyone sending me messages, emails, DMS, etc I really do appreciate your words and support. They mean alot. The saying "If u stir in Sh!t, it'll smell" is very real. I have been trashed since the day Braylon was born to now and probably will be in the future. Ive been called every defamatory statement I can think of. I have been lied on and put into situations that Ive never even been close to or a part of. Ive been fired from gigs or not hired for jobs because of hearsay and my situation. I have been tied to ppl ive never met, and told ive experienced things I didnt know existed. Yea it hurt, yea i cried a few times, yea I screamed, I even went to therapy <-yea seriously, but in the end everyone told me... u know its not true and if you dont pay attention to it or react to it, it will go away...and guess what, it did. Not 100%...i mean even a snake can slither around with a rock on top of em but if no 1 takes that rock off and exposes him to the rest of the desert, he wont get far and he'll eventually get tired and die. I chose to let it die...theres always gonna be snakes, but they always get tired when ignored and not fed. With that...IM OUTTIE! HollER...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Lawyers Statement:

We have examined the contents of that suit, and Ms. Reed is flabbergasted that it was filed without any attempt to even ask her if she had anything to do with the complained of matters in that suit. Ms. Reed has absolutely no knowledge of, nor was involved in, or otherwise was a part of, the complained of disparagements mentioned in that suit. Instead, Ms. Reed fully and unconditionally condemns them.
In addition, and as mentioned in that second suit, the parties had reached a good faith settlement of this very dispute on October 28, 2009, and Ms. Reed consented to the Court’s order of injunction as a result of that amicable settlement, and she considered the matter resolved. This as an unfortunate event that is not at all of Ms. Reed’s making, and she looks forward to full vindication by the Court.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your LIFE can be changed...

Ive been thinking alot lately about my life and how much its been changed at the hands of others. Im going to pour it out right now cuz its some things that need to be said.

My whole life my parents reared me to be a free-standing spirit. Independent, intelligent, strong, opinionated and successful. When I went to College I was a Virgin to everything. Id never been to a black school nor had I ever had a Boyfriend. I wasnt allowed to date till I graduated because in my parents minds "Having a boyfriend is not a requirement to graduate!". I was never involved in all the parties or all the drama because I was never around to be "in it". I was in dance, competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, piano, and school. I had friends and I was popular for being Royce...the good girl. For the past 10 years Ive been asking myself what happened because from my knowledge I was the same Royce. Yea I had a boyfriend, matter of fact ive had 5 since 1998. All 5 played a strong part in my life and add 1 minor relationship and they are the only people ive ever "been with". Yea I just put myself out there. I lost my virginity at 20. Thats a whole different story and I didnt add that situation in my numbers. I never knew with sex came drama. Its almost like I was opened up to a whole different realm of life. I was now subject to ridicule and hate. I got the man, this girl wanted, or that girls ex. Orrrrr, Im now a whore because I turned this guy down, or didnt give him my number. Isnt that an oxymoron??? My 1st Boyfriend was killed in a car accident, my 2nd was the 1 that turned into one of my best friends, my 3rd I got into 2 fights over because he was 1 of the HEART Throbs in school that everyone swore I was gonna marry. The 4th one turned psycho and thought i was cheating on him with a gay guy who was in the play "Dreamgirls" we were rehearsing for. I was now having to fight off rumors of being with this dude or that dude and at 1 point some1 said they heard I was a lesbian. WOW! Funny huh... but that was College. That was the 1st time Id ever been labeled negatively and I was soooo ready to graduate I ran across the stage when they called my name 1st...yea really...its on tape. Those rumors never really went anywhere long since ppl KNEW ME but I guess it was fun for chicks to spread mess because it made them feel better...oh well. Then I went back to my 3rd...and that would last a few more years on and off till I met my 5th...Number 5 has changed my life the good and bad ways. I cant speak too much on this 1 but I loved him. Too much some might say. Number 5 is the reason I say your life can be changed...I thought i left the childishness in College...little did I know it was just getting started...Now I was about to take on a different realm of females and dudes...called Haters!....Life...

Again, how did I go from being a diamond in the rough to someone ppl have made up all these rumors about. Apparently, Im supposed to brush it off and not read things posted about me but Im human. I take my reputation seriously and it hurts so bad to see all these false accusations made about me. It makes me so sad, angry, and hurt that sometimes I just scream or go off. I know most things that are posted are from people who just get mad to see their crush with someone. So then, they get online and come up with the most random stories or try to make up something that could SEEM to be true to make the 2 involved think and question each other. Misery loves company and I fall for it everytime. Im sure alot of the ppl who started these lies are reading this and are smiling right now but like Ive said before and the quote I try to live by "Never plot against some1 tht God has his hands on! I never hav 2fight my own battles.He does it 4me!". Karma is REAL & I cant fix a house I didnt build! If you are that miserable and that hateful that you have to ruin my reputation and make up all these things about me, its not saying much about u. Not that you should care but I have a 2yr old to raise as a single mother because YOU were unhappy with someones choice. You took it in your own hands to spread lies thru the internet that it the new root of all evil. Now theres alot of hatred in my heart for someone i once loved due to many instances that were caused by drama. But its over so you can stop. The fork in the road? Different paths were chosen and nothing ever said those roads ever meet again because last I check they went totally different ways. I have moved on and I am dating someone new that knows the REAL ROYCE and knows that i am NOTHING of what your internet devils have tried to make me out to be. So yea, you hurt me, you made me cry, you made me feel like I wasnt worth much, you made me lose someone i really did love and wouldve gone thru hell and stood on the sun for but im human...Im also Gods Child tho... So I will say this...You may win by may win by material things, but eventually your heart will catch up to you and you will feel horrible about ruining something God had his hands on but the Devil let you and anyone else who made up, spread, reposted, listened to and didnt stand up for or defend tear apart. Its not about being fair, thats childish. Its not about doing whats right or wrong. Its about you. I wake up everyday a little less hurt because I have someone who truly cares about me and wont leave me because of something someone says to him or something he reads. I wake up everyday a little less hurt because I know God has his hands on me and although i dont go to Church everyday he knows I kneel everynight and when things get to hard I turn to him and not against him. I used to think "why me?" Now I know it WAS ME because Im strong enuf to handle it and I deserve the best and My son deserves the best. Despite the lies you continue to spread and the evil you still possess Im still standing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ITS that time again!

Time to reflect on the past year! Its been a good one. Some ups and downs but mostly ups! Brays gone thru several stages and I have to admit I NEVER thought you could love someone so much it hurts! He is my life and I scream that to the world every chance I get! I take pictures, videos, everything of him almost everyday and he looooooves to be on the camera. Sometimes i hook it up to the TV just so he can see himself live and hes goes crazy. Its hilaaaarious! To think this time last year he had only been walking a lil over a month and now hes running, jumping, climbing, talking, singing lol, yelling, and givin me kisses and hugs every chance he gets! I love him so much it scares me. I put him before myself and my career, i put him before ME period! Hes the #1 in my life. To hear him say Mommy, or ask me to kiss his booboos is the best! I enjoy motherhood so much and I feel as if Ive overcome the stereotype of single mothers. Im not bitter, Im HAPPY! Im not ashamed, Im PROUD! Just like every1 else with kids, married or not, I like to show off my son too! Like every1 else I think my child is a good way lol! I make sure I take pics of him regularly because God forbid something happen, EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE AND HE WILL BE FOUND QUICKER than those whom youve never seen! Watching CNN and Nancy Grace, and all the specials the show on Primetime about kids safety ive learned its a good thing to have pictures circulating in mass because when people NOTICE a child they get saved. Remember that parents. Test your kids as soon as possible with a friend your child has never met and see if they go to them. Teach them to bite, and fight in self defense. Teach them to scream even if some1 says not to in certain situations. Dont wait until something happens to post pics/vids of your child, by then its normally too late! To some people they dont understand this, to others its all too familiar. I remember when Braylon had a nanny and she took him to the Park around the corner from my house and without knowing my lil cousins and their Nanny was there. My lil cousin went up to her nanny and said "Isnt that Braylon (shes 4), and her Nanny immediately called my Aunt(the grandmother) and told her Braylon was at the park with a lady she'd never seen. My Aunt called me and told me and of course I laughed but then I said describe her to make sure. From that day on I realized if your child is recognizable it throws up red flags when ppl see them with some1 other than you and they start asking questions. One time Brays nanny had taken him to a mall in Winter Park and she told me 2 guys kept looking at her strange, now granted a phone call wasnt made nor did they approach her but they did send me a camera phone picture to my facebook of her and Braylon! These are my testimonies and maybe they wont work for everyone but for me, its a form of safety in a world full of chaos! Braylon is almost less than a month we will be celebrating the only way we know how...BIG! I cant wait and Im going to spoil him like crazy! Custom designed cake, a new car (yes a new car...power wheels ppl lolol), Mickey Mouse and friends, and more! Hes my baby, he deserves the BEST! HollER!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Duck that Quacks DOESNT ALWAYS get shot!

Many times people are put into situations that they think they have no way out of. They think if they speak out or they ask for help it will soon backfire and turn on them. Theres a popular saying that I havent heard in a while until recently on an MTV program. That saying is "The Duck that quacks gets shot!". In so many ways Ive always felt this saying to be true. If you dont say anything things will get better. If you go with the flow it will change. It wont be this bad for too much longer. Dont put your business out there for the world to see. Better yet, DONT SNITCH! If thats the case how are you supposed to be saved? How are you supposed to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and be proud of what you see? How are you expecting CHANGE if no one knows the SITUATION? I believe in God too but I also dont believe in being STUPID! There are those of us who arent afraid to Quack! Dodging bullets is something our ancestors did and if it werent for them we wouldnt be where we are today! If they didnt Quack, we'd still be sitting n the back of the bus or going in thru the back door. If our generation didnt Quack Barack Obama wouldnt be our president! There are other situations in LIFE that deserve a Quack, deserve a voice, deserve to be told, deserve to inspire, and deserve to be seen. If everyone was afraid to Quack because of fear that has been placed on them by heirarchy Im pretty sure alot of dreams would have been missed and alot of lives losts. So with that said, I used to be that duck that sat back and watched everyone else Quack because apparently it was the right thing to do. But after realizing that you can only circle the same lake a certain number of times before you lose yourself and your dignity, its now my turn to QUACK and whether or not I get shot is in Gods hands not mine, and certainly not yours. So QUACK QUACK!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Balls!

INTERNET BALLS also commonly known as Anonymous Balls!

This is the 1 I dont like. THis is the 1 that most ppl who talk ish on the internet suffer from.

Do you post on anonymous GOSSIP sites with names like Unceremonious, or asdfjkl but then have so much to say about another individual?

Do you talk about how different you are and if you ever met that person you would do this or that, but you DO see them on a regular basis?

Do you go back and forth with other Internet ball headcases because they make you feel better about your decisions to bad mouth a person who you wish you were?

I could go on and on. My point is this...Before you talk about how real you are maybe you should post your REAL BIRTH GIVEN NAME not a noun or verb or a name you found on the internet and claim its yours! Before you send me crazy a** messages and threats maybe you shouldnt send it from a name like carebear2423. Better yet, before you talk about how much of a whore I am but cant give 1 name so you make up lies that everyone with a brain knows isnt true; how bout you get your jealous a** up and do something productive with your life. You sit around on a computer hatin on anyone who has the life you wish you had so you attempt to make their life miserable. It doesnt work! I dont get mad about anonymous post, they just irritate me. See the difference is, I dont NEED Twitter, or Facebook or anything else. It was nothing for me to delete 800ppl off my Facebook nor was it hard to delete my Twitter. You sad individuals who do these anonymous postings LIVE for this stuff because you have nothing else going for you in life nor do you have any desire to change. Why would that bother me? Its irritating, sad but also funny because i know its envy! I told you all before to Keep Talkin Ish, Youre Makin Me Famous and I want to thank you for it because you definitely did your job! Loves ya!

Text Balls!

Am I the only one with this syndrome?

Do you say things in writing that in most cases have never come out my mouth.

Do you send text messages that sound so evil and so mean but the TV in the background is on Toddlers and Tiaras while youre drinking Koolaid...Red Flavor???

Have you "kept it real" on Twitter but your profile is on private so you leave it to others to RT your messages?

Have you told someone to "say it to your face"...but you said it on Facebook???

I call this syndrome Text Balls! Not to be confused with Internet Balls! Imma touch on that next! Text Balls is a syndrome in which you post or text something from YOUR PHONE, YOUR TWITTER PAGE, AND YOUR FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER SITE THAT INCLUDES YOUR ACTUAL BIRTH GIVEN NAME! <---yall see what im gettin at? Text balls is NOT entirely excusable, however, but at least you have the BALLS to say/write it yourself AS YOURSELF! Whether its heat of the moment, whether you mean it or not, whether its something that shouldve been said or not at least youre not afraid to post it as YOURSELF! In this case, its more respected because youre not hiding behind an anonymous name....
In some cases text balls can cause harm, hurt, and anger but at least in most cases when the issue comes up if there is a feeling in which you would like to apologize for something you said or something you did, its possible. That to me is being as REAL as you can be online!

I have text balls lol. So if you ever get me to actually verbally GO OFF, THATS BAD! So ive come back to blogging. This is my purge and I stopped for a while because I was constantly being judged BUT thats not my concern anymore. Writing keeps me sane and keeps me from getting angry. So if I dont blog...someone may get my raft! Let me write or you might get cut!<-figure of speech before someone says Im threatening them like ive been threatened about some1s gun cabinet! Always my word against theirs apparently and id never be found! Hmmmmm.....and that wasnt a text...that was verbal! That was REAL! I believe it!

Soooo YES! Its True!!!

When I was on Twitter and before I cut 90% of my Facebook friends, alot of ppl were asking me about the Reality Show. Ive been sent links from a Radio Interview my friend Shaunie did and after it was on a Local Radio Station here in Orlando I guess I can stop giving the side-eye look or pretending like I dont know what anyones talking about lol. Yes, Im doing a reality show with a few other BEAUTIFUL,WONDERFUL, INTELLIGENT AND SUCCESSFUL WOMEN! Shooting should be starting soon and Im extremely excited for you all to see what Ive been up to as well as the other exciting women in the cast. Its going to be real and although its based on our lives as NBA Wives, Ex-Wives, Ex-Girlfriends/Fiances, and Mothers its also a look into how biased, stereotyped, categorized, and emotional the situations can be. We are all diving into our careers and making a name for ourselves rather than JUST having that Title! I dont want to give too much away but it will definitely be a show thats inspiring and not negative! It will be a show that has its drama of course but not ignorance....from the cast at least! You all know Im very vocal and emotional and once you cross me I can make your life hell! However, it takes ALOT to get me to go off but once I get there, I go all out lol. Thats who you will see! Im as real as it gets! I hold nothing back! You only get 1 life so live it to the fullest, especially since youre not promised tomorrow! Get ready! Its coming!

Im Baaaaack!!!!!

Hello All,
I am back to blogging so stay tuneddddd! Alot of updates to come!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hello Hello!
Well after the longest weekend ever I am happy to say Fantashique is now OFFICIAL! We had our 1st MAJOR photoshoot on Saturday and the girls look SIKKKK! OMG Im soooo excited about how the photos came out! Stay tuned later on in the week for a few photos or visit for a few details on what and who we are! Peace out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ESPN "Outside the Lines"

Well, Hello Hello!
First and foremost I want to thank those of you who have been sending me emails, myspace and facebook messages supporting the decision I made to do the interview. It was done back in late October when I was going through a lot of drama dealing with threats, defamation of character and slandor. My purpose for doing the show was not only to have a voice for myself but all the other females out there who may date an athlete in the spotlight or not, as well as a lawyer, doctor, or anyone who society deems as a person living in a high lifestyle. They gave me a chance to speak on behalf of the woman who dont fit the stereotype regardless of what others may say. I know people will continue to talk negatively about me and find something wrong with me doing the show but Ive gotten so much praise and thank yous it really doesnt matter. I have never been 1 to sit around and let ANYONE assume things about me. Im stronger than that and I will always stand up for myself. Thats the difference between being a Leader and a Follower. Ill always be a leader and Ill always be strengthened not only by God and my Faith but also by my courage and pride. God NEVER makes mistakes! Lastly, I want to thank ESPN for letting me do the interview and making sure I came across fair and real. They didnt sugarcoat nor did they twist my words. I appreciate that and have a whole new respect for them as a company. Thank you! Below are a few of the emails I received that really meant a lot to me and that I will keep close to my heart! Lovies uuuuu!

-----I am single dad who pays child support, and i wanted to let you know, that you spoke with class and came across genuine. You shattered the typical sterotypes of most moms. I sometimes feel like men get screwed in court, but i believe in you and your thoughts.

-----I saw your interview on ESPN and I felt extremely bad for what you have to go through being mother of a famous persons child. Just about what you said about the names people call you and make judgements on you w/o knowing the whole story or even who you are as a person.
I too went through that. My daughters mom is a Pastor's kid. She wasnt the tipical freak that we tag preachers kids as; she was an angel in the eyes of all. After she got pregnant I was just the dude who moved from philly with no other agenda but to get her pregnant. And after our relationship fell apart it got worse w/people's comments. I became extremely depressed and actually started believing I was what they called me.
Well enough of my story, I wrote this to just say that not all people who don't know you think those bad things about you. You look as if you really have that mother child connection in love w/your son. All that matters in the end is that God is pleased with what you did as a person and parent.
Wish you the best

-----"There is no way she can be of this world!" Never before had they seen such a beautiful girl. So sweet and innocent was she, everyone swore they were all in the same dream. Was she from down south? Was she from up north? or was there an angel right here on earth?

-----Hey Royce, my name is T. I just want to let u know that I'm proud of u and I look up to ur strength..I know how it feels to have haters come against you..I'm a cast member of the new season of (xxxxxxxxx) and the experience was horrible, so I just am being strong by looking at people like u and Vanessa Williams who have faced adversity by a lot of people and keep pushing..I'm and dancer and I've looked up to u and K since I was in high school when u did the magic..just want to tell u to keep being strong because when u do people like me find strength when u continue to press on! You are definetly one of my role models.. stay blessed girl

-----Hi Royce, Im not trying to sound silly, but my guy isn't an allstar, yours is. So hearing that from you, will reach a greater audience I think. Not that the rest of us shouldn't sign off on what was said, because I most certainly do, but we wouldn't have gotten the headlines like you did and I know from a few other ladies in our situation are very VERY happy about what you did. I almost feel like we should all write to like baller alert and media take out and be like screw you. But they'd prolly twist it into the trashy pretty rich wives attack. So whatever, I defend you. Don't worry. Every chance I get.

-----Thanks. You took a risk for a lot of women like me, and I appreciate it, I really do! I hope to see you when they play the kings girl! I will most definitely fly down for that one

-----Royce, I do not know you (you already know this), but I watched ESPN's On the Line segment, and I would just like to say I am really proud of how you handled yourself. I have never been put in your situation, but it always makes me happy to see an College-Educated, and Strong Black Woman, portray herself in the manner that you did. God always finds a way to use someone else's struggle and strength to encourage others, and I hope that your story will be able to help someone else out there. It's really unfortunate that there are people out there who can slander someone's character, they are about as bitter as McCain was when he called Obama "That One". Either way, I'm ranting... God Bless, and best of luck with your future endeavors!


-----Your son has a great mom in you. Good job on your interview. Much respect!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Thoughts...

You know...
Its weird how some days I can feel so in control of my life and then others I just melt down. Its really hard being a single mother and as much as I love my son I need my breaks just like anyone else. I feel so bad sometimes when I say that because I love each and every moment I spend with him but with me trying to start this new company since the Dance Studio had to close Im always stressed. I find myself lashing out alot or just being mean sometimes. I dont do it on purpose but when your life seems to never slow down you start losing yourself. Theres also the saying "Misery loves company" and omg it is sooo true. I find myself caring about what people say and letting their words get to me when all theyre trying to do is bring me down. That being said theres another saying "When they stop talking is when you need to worry" and thats the one I want to believe in. As long as my name is in peoples mouths that means Im doing something right enough to make them envious of me. Therefore keep talkin ish youre makin me famous and I LOVE IT! With that epiphany, however, I now have some help and its truly a blessing! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and Im able to Live and Love unconditionally without the stress and worrying about drama! Im definitely human and Ive definitely made some mistakes in my life or decisions I may not not have repeated had I known the way they wouldve turned out but not one of those mistakes or decisions I question have ANYTHING to do with my son. I will never question Gods Gift nor will I question the trials and obstacles he puts me through. I believe all the stress, drama, tears, screams, fights, etc were ways on testing me and my faith. Will I always kneel or will I walk away? I made a promise a year and a half ago that I will live through him. No, Im not perfect and no I have not completely lived these past months strictly through him but thats the point. Im not God! Im not supposed to be Him. Im supposed to be Royce and try my hardest and with that pleasing myself, my son, and my God. I am trying. I fall sometimes but a Saint is just a sinner who fell down and GOT UP! So Im gonna always get up, Im gonna always stand! It make take a few hours, days, weeks, even months but I will stand and I will be proud of myself and walk with my head held high when I do it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Questionable IP Address...

I post these mainly for security and safety reasons in case something, God Forbid, happens. out of Orlando, FL downloaded over 20 pictures from this blog on February 1st around 16:29PM...that means 4:29PM Orlando time.

Ive DELETED my website as well as my public Myspace page roycesuperstar so Im just a little paranoid these days about things like this. You never know.

Also, just an FYI!
I now only have 1 myspace page. JUST ONE and Its for family and friends and they know what it is. I also only have 1 Facebook page! ONLY ONE and my family and friends know what that is also. I dont have ANY other profiles on any other sites AT ALL old or new. ZERO! This is also my only blog! ONLY! If you see someone claiming to be me please bring it to my attention. In the past month Ive had myspace take down 2 fake pages for people claiming to be me and making it seem like I was a stripper or that I did drugs! Real Talk! Please let me know! Thanks!

Super Sick...

Yes, Ive been gone literally a month and its basically because my life has been extremely hectic but mostly in a good way. Im only writing now because Im sick and I cant go to sleep at 4:45AM. A few things have happened this past month both good and bad but mostly good and all are blessings...that I can see or not. Everything happens for a reason. Only bad thing is that we had to close down the studio. Why? Well our landlord wasnt paying the bills so our WHOLE plaza went into foreclosure and the bank was basically trying to force a new and extremely expensive lease on me. My decision? Um no and uh bye bye. We will probably reopen this summer or next summer in a building that Ill be looking to purchase if things go well. Im working on a new project that a lot of ppl have faith in also so keep your fingers crossed for that one...I cant say much more about it than that! Im also looking into getting a house at the end of this summer since Im outgrowing my townhouse big time. Im not too upset about the studio since everything except the graffiti wall was mine and portable so its all in storage. I didnt lose any investments so no tears just a lil heartbreaking for the kids that were having so much fun. Other than that everything else is great! I mean EVERYTHING! God definitely works in his own time not ours but hes always right on time. Yes I saw that mess a couple weeks ago and although it got 2 me for a quick minute I was immediately reassured I had no reason to be angry. People do a lot of nasty things when theyre intimidated or upset. At least I say it on my blog as ME! lolol. Oh well... evil doesnt win forever nor does it prosper. Ohhhh but okay.....everyone keeps laughing at me and no1 believes me but imma post it anyway so when yall hear about it yall can say "Royce said that!". I saw a Teradactyl! Yes, a dinosaur. It was flying in the air and no it wasnt a big Vulture! Im not crazy, I know what I saw! Laugh at me all you want but it WAS a Teradactyl or however you spell it! Imma try to go 2 sleep again now even tho my brain feels like its trying to escape my head! Is this what the FLU feels like? Ive never had it before so I dont know. If so, OMG! This is the worst feeling ever! I havent been this sick in YEARS! At least before the meds seemed to work for a lil bit. Right now they all seem to be rejected! Goodmornite!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know ive been EXTREMELY GHOST! I apologize! Life has been GREAT what can I say. This year has been awesome so far and everything is looking up! God is good and his WORD is definitely real! Ive been slapped a few times to get back on the right track and do the right thing and he is soooo good! If you are in touch with your Savior you are missing out! He is so blessing and he is always on time when you need him. I praise him everyday, some more than others to be honest but I KNOW he is real! Life is going great! Ive had a few trials and trials and tribulations but I got past it. The Devil is always at work but Ive learned how to not let him win! Ive been working hard and raising my handsome little boy. He bust his lip 4 the 1st time and I almost freaked out but I had to play it off cuz it was in front of a lot of people. Other than that hes doing great! So blessed! Thanks for your prayers and Ill try to post more!