Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay DO I know I pick on your lame a$$ school and YES we lost...But whatever, we STILL kicked yalls ass! hahaha! Just kidding...but really we did! lolol.He had sooo much fun at the game on Saturday even tho we lost. He looooved the band and he was dancing up a storm! He played sooo hard on Saturday he knocked out once my parents took him back to the motor home. ME? I went to the vendors in search for Conch Salad...that sold out by the time I got to the front. I did however get my fried Blue Crabs and shrimp! We do tailgate with the seriousness meaning the motorhome, music, etc but I still had to take advantage of the vendors! Thanks to Lenora for standing with me for an hour lolol. We also got Braylon a light up pacifier and a sword! Yes, Im a sucker for those things. I used to want them when I was little and got excited everytime my parents gave in so I knew Bray would love them! As you can see, he did! Its nothing like an HBCU Homecoming. I cant wait till Classic Weekend! WOOP WOOP! Its about to be sooooo fa-serious! <---Dont steal my word! Till later...Im outtie! Hollerrrrr!

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