Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Balls!

INTERNET BALLS also commonly known as Anonymous Balls!

This is the 1 I dont like. THis is the 1 that most ppl who talk ish on the internet suffer from.

Do you post on anonymous GOSSIP sites with names like Unceremonious, or asdfjkl but then have so much to say about another individual?

Do you talk about how different you are and if you ever met that person you would do this or that, but you DO see them on a regular basis?

Do you go back and forth with other Internet ball headcases because they make you feel better about your decisions to bad mouth a person who you wish you were?

I could go on and on. My point is this...Before you talk about how real you are maybe you should post your REAL BIRTH GIVEN NAME not a noun or verb or a name you found on the internet and claim its yours! Before you send me crazy a** messages and threats maybe you shouldnt send it from a name like carebear2423. Better yet, before you talk about how much of a whore I am but cant give 1 name so you make up lies that everyone with a brain knows isnt true; how bout you get your jealous a** up and do something productive with your life. You sit around on a computer hatin on anyone who has the life you wish you had so you attempt to make their life miserable. It doesnt work! I dont get mad about anonymous post, they just irritate me. See the difference is, I dont NEED Twitter, or Facebook or anything else. It was nothing for me to delete 800ppl off my Facebook nor was it hard to delete my Twitter. You sad individuals who do these anonymous postings LIVE for this stuff because you have nothing else going for you in life nor do you have any desire to change. Why would that bother me? Its irritating, sad but also funny because i know its envy! I told you all before to Keep Talkin Ish, Youre Makin Me Famous and I want to thank you for it because you definitely did your job! Loves ya!

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