Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Text Balls!

Am I the only one with this syndrome?

Do you say things in writing that in most cases have never come out my mouth.

Do you send text messages that sound so evil and so mean but the TV in the background is on Toddlers and Tiaras while youre drinking Koolaid...Red Flavor???

Have you "kept it real" on Twitter but your profile is on private so you leave it to others to RT your messages?

Have you told someone to "say it to your face"...but you said it on Facebook???

I call this syndrome Text Balls! Not to be confused with Internet Balls! Imma touch on that next! Text Balls is a syndrome in which you post or text something from YOUR PHONE, YOUR TWITTER PAGE, AND YOUR FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER SITE THAT INCLUDES YOUR ACTUAL BIRTH GIVEN NAME! <---yall see what im gettin at? Text balls is NOT entirely excusable, however, but at least you have the BALLS to say/write it yourself AS YOURSELF! Whether its heat of the moment, whether you mean it or not, whether its something that shouldve been said or not at least youre not afraid to post it as YOURSELF! In this case, its more respected because youre not hiding behind an anonymous name....
In some cases text balls can cause harm, hurt, and anger but at least in most cases when the issue comes up if there is a feeling in which you would like to apologize for something you said or something you did, its possible. That to me is being as REAL as you can be online!

I have text balls lol. So if you ever get me to actually verbally GO OFF, THATS BAD! So ive come back to blogging. This is my purge and I stopped for a while because I was constantly being judged BUT thats not my concern anymore. Writing keeps me sane and keeps me from getting angry. So if I dont blog...someone may get my raft! Let me write or you might get cut!<-figure of speech before someone says Im threatening them like ive been threatened about some1s gun cabinet! Always my word against theirs apparently and id never be found! Hmmmmm.....and that wasnt a text...that was verbal! That was REAL! I believe it!

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