Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Duck that Quacks DOESNT ALWAYS get shot!

Many times people are put into situations that they think they have no way out of. They think if they speak out or they ask for help it will soon backfire and turn on them. Theres a popular saying that I havent heard in a while until recently on an MTV program. That saying is "The Duck that quacks gets shot!". In so many ways Ive always felt this saying to be true. If you dont say anything things will get better. If you go with the flow it will change. It wont be this bad for too much longer. Dont put your business out there for the world to see. Better yet, DONT SNITCH! If thats the case how are you supposed to be saved? How are you supposed to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and be proud of what you see? How are you expecting CHANGE if no one knows the SITUATION? I believe in God too but I also dont believe in being STUPID! There are those of us who arent afraid to Quack! Dodging bullets is something our ancestors did and if it werent for them we wouldnt be where we are today! If they didnt Quack, we'd still be sitting n the back of the bus or going in thru the back door. If our generation didnt Quack Barack Obama wouldnt be our president! There are other situations in LIFE that deserve a Quack, deserve a voice, deserve to be told, deserve to inspire, and deserve to be seen. If everyone was afraid to Quack because of fear that has been placed on them by heirarchy Im pretty sure alot of dreams would have been missed and alot of lives losts. So with that said, I used to be that duck that sat back and watched everyone else Quack because apparently it was the right thing to do. But after realizing that you can only circle the same lake a certain number of times before you lose yourself and your dignity, its now my turn to QUACK and whether or not I get shot is in Gods hands not mine, and certainly not yours. So QUACK QUACK!

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