Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong (UPDATE)

Ok, Now its my turn to address the situation that has been going on. 1st and foremost I dont post on message boards nor do I tell anyone to post on any message boards. Anyone who knows me knows Im the type of person you love or you hate. I dont lie and I dont sugarcoat. Ive always been an extremely blunt person and have always told ppl dont ask me a question you dont really want to know the answer to. With that said, YES i have an injunction that forbids me to say a certain name and guess what ITS NO SKIN OFF MY BACK. I signed it, it wasnt court ordered or forced on me by a judge so that misconception is wrong! I have a College Degree (working on getting my Masters), im not stupid, I know what I can and cant say or do! TRUST! Now, moving on, I have a 2yr old to raise and no1 is thinking about what hes going to hear when he gets older and what i wont be able to shield him from. Everything I say or do, I think about him and how he will feel about it when he gets older. I get frustrated like every other woman in the world so dont judge me but I know you will. In reference to things being said....lemme say you will soon see, I dont bite my tongue much. If I say something about anyone or anything, I say it as ME, as ROYCE REED! Not anyone else! Not any anonymous person on the internet hiding behind a fake name HENCE THE INJUNCTION! To anyone who does that ummm....If youre SO REAL why are hiding behind a message board with emoticon avatars and screen names that barely make any sense? Just a question. Please believe I respect a person more that tells me to my face they dont like me vs trash talking over the web. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion including me but difference is...its Royce's opinion not gentlesexyboo or any other names ppl decide to make up...yes, i just made that up, feel free to use it if its not taken. Anyways, im not gonna spend much time on this but i will say the best defense is truth and it will come out. I havent lost any sleep over any of this because Ive never lied about anything and I have proof! My only suggestion is, before any1 places judgment based off of what someone they trust has said because they dont BELIEVE they would lie to them, get both sides to the story. Im no longer mad at or dislike a lot of ppl because after talking to a few I realize a lot of lies were told that they too believed. I cant help that and now things have gotten so out of hand this has to play out in the Public Eye. I can only say that my son is extremely happy, hes very smart, loves school and doesnt know what is going on. I can say Ive done my research and read up on the pros and cons of my situation and im making the best out of it. I can say that I am truly loved and appreciated by those that matter and a smile is still on my face. I wake up every day to a cheesy dimpled smile that says "Mommy, I love you". Thats all I need and all this other MESS is on the back burner.

Im very proud of my son and like any other proud parent I enjoy showing him off on my PRIVATE facebook and Twitter accounts. Who doesnt? My child will NOT grow up in a bubble! Obama is our President and we know what school his kids go to. We see them everywhere. No1 is passing judgment on how much his daughter are seen in magazines are they? I protect my son everyday and I use discretion! But my bad, I 4got that all the actors, actresses, athletes, doctors, teachers, McDonalds workers in the world dont have high profile children. OOPS! What WAS I thinking? Im supposed to pretend he doesnt exist. Kinda like how no1 knew abt him till he was 2mos old. lol...Anyways, on the contrary, my son is my heart and I will NEVER put him in any compromising or dangerous situations! I look on my friends/family pages and see pics of their kids all the time. What is the difference? Lastly, I have NOT PLASTERED photos of him all over the internet and I find it funny the 1's u do see are at what location/venue? Who took those and allowed them to be everywhere? I had no sayso, if i did...I wouldve smiled for the camera! I only post pics with him alone or with me, my family, or friends.<-catch that? Anyways, I grew up with a prideful family... So will my son!

To everyone sending me messages, emails, DMS, etc I really do appreciate your words and support. They mean alot. The saying "If u stir in Sh!t, it'll smell" is very real. I have been trashed since the day Braylon was born to now and probably will be in the future. Ive been called every defamatory statement I can think of. I have been lied on and put into situations that Ive never even been close to or a part of. Ive been fired from gigs or not hired for jobs because of hearsay and my situation. I have been tied to ppl ive never met, and told ive experienced things I didnt know existed. Yea it hurt, yea i cried a few times, yea I screamed, I even went to therapy <-yea seriously, but in the end everyone told me... u know its not true and if you dont pay attention to it or react to it, it will go away...and guess what, it did. Not 100%...i mean even a snake can slither around with a rock on top of em but if no 1 takes that rock off and exposes him to the rest of the desert, he wont get far and he'll eventually get tired and die. I chose to let it die...theres always gonna be snakes, but they always get tired when ignored and not fed. With that...IM OUTTIE! HollER...



Chelsea J. said...

All I want to say is keep your head up. You show that you are a strong person, and I feel that if you know what is the truth that is all that matters. People always are going to hate for no reason.Like you said I don't get why people like to hide behind the computer to talk trash, but can never say it in person(just proves that they are weak). Anyways I just want to say that I like your blog and it is important to speak your mind, so keep doing your thing.

Carla Ledbetter said...

As your blog sates, your decisions, your life. Only God can judge you> I know it hurts for people to talk about you when they don't even know you. Let them talk...they can call you every unGodly name in the book, it's what you answer to. And in the end...Braylon will only love ou that much more because he will read and see that you went through hell and back to ensure he had the BEST upbringing. You are all he has (besides your parents), just like he is your everything, you are just that much to him. I have enjoyed taking a peek inside your life, and it scares me because our lives are very similar. Keep praying and always be the woman you were raised to be. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. it's hard being a single mother, and even harder when you're in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Keep smiling, don't let them see you sweat!
take care!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you girl!

Keep doing your thing!

All the best :)

mzsharde said...

It only makes you stronger, Keep doing you! Ppl get a kick out of TRYING to tear others down, but "you still standing".