Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ITS that time again!

Time to reflect on the past year! Its been a good one. Some ups and downs but mostly ups! Brays gone thru several stages and I have to admit I NEVER thought you could love someone so much it hurts! He is my life and I scream that to the world every chance I get! I take pictures, videos, everything of him almost everyday and he looooooves to be on the camera. Sometimes i hook it up to the TV just so he can see himself live and hes goes crazy. Its hilaaaarious! To think this time last year he had only been walking a lil over a month and now hes running, jumping, climbing, talking, singing lol, yelling, and givin me kisses and hugs every chance he gets! I love him so much it scares me. I put him before myself and my career, i put him before ME period! Hes the #1 in my life. To hear him say Mommy, or ask me to kiss his booboos is the best! I enjoy motherhood so much and I feel as if Ive overcome the stereotype of single mothers. Im not bitter, Im HAPPY! Im not ashamed, Im PROUD! Just like every1 else with kids, married or not, I like to show off my son too! Like every1 else I think my child is SPECIAL...in a good way lol! I make sure I take pics of him regularly because God forbid something happen, EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE AND HE WILL BE FOUND QUICKER than those whom youve never seen! Watching CNN and Nancy Grace, and all the specials the show on Primetime about kids safety ive learned its a good thing to have pictures circulating in mass because when people NOTICE a child they get saved. Remember that parents. Test your kids as soon as possible with a friend your child has never met and see if they go to them. Teach them to bite, and fight in self defense. Teach them to scream even if some1 says not to in certain situations. Dont wait until something happens to post pics/vids of your child, by then its normally too late! To some people they dont understand this, to others its all too familiar. I remember when Braylon had a nanny and she took him to the Park around the corner from my house and without knowing my lil cousins and their Nanny was there. My lil cousin went up to her nanny and said "Isnt that Braylon (shes 4), and her Nanny immediately called my Aunt(the grandmother) and told her Braylon was at the park with a lady she'd never seen. My Aunt called me and told me and of course I laughed but then I said describe her to make sure. From that day on I realized if your child is recognizable it throws up red flags when ppl see them with some1 other than you and they start asking questions. One time Brays nanny had taken him to a mall in Winter Park and she told me 2 guys kept looking at her strange, now granted a phone call wasnt made nor did they approach her but they did send me a camera phone picture to my facebook of her and Braylon! These are my testimonies and maybe they wont work for everyone but for me, its a form of safety in a world full of chaos! Braylon is almost 2...in less than a month we will be celebrating the only way we know how...BIG! I cant wait and Im going to spoil him like crazy! Custom designed cake, a new car (yes a new car...power wheels ppl lolol), Mickey Mouse and friends, and more! Hes my baby, he deserves the BEST! HollER!!!!!


Rachelle said...

OMG Royce, Braylon is soooo blessed to have you as a mom. I know I send you messages that say that all the time but it's sooo true. I know people say he's blessed because of who his father is...I say he's blessed because he has you as a mother. A mother that's willing to put herself on the back burner to ensure her son has the best w/o thinking twice about it. If I'm half the mom you are I know my kids (when I decide to have them) will be in great shape. May God continue to bless you and your precious little one.

jossy said...

i ADMIRE you so much .. :]