Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Sick...

Yes, Ive been gone literally a month and its basically because my life has been extremely hectic but mostly in a good way. Im only writing now because Im sick and I cant go to sleep at 4:45AM. A few things have happened this past month both good and bad but mostly good and all are blessings...that I can see or not. Everything happens for a reason. Only bad thing is that we had to close down the studio. Why? Well our landlord wasnt paying the bills so our WHOLE plaza went into foreclosure and the bank was basically trying to force a new and extremely expensive lease on me. My decision? Um no and uh bye bye. We will probably reopen this summer or next summer in a building that Ill be looking to purchase if things go well. Im working on a new project that a lot of ppl have faith in also so keep your fingers crossed for that one...I cant say much more about it than that! Im also looking into getting a house at the end of this summer since Im outgrowing my townhouse big time. Im not too upset about the studio since everything except the graffiti wall was mine and portable so its all in storage. I didnt lose any investments so no tears just a lil heartbreaking for the kids that were having so much fun. Other than that everything else is great! I mean EVERYTHING! God definitely works in his own time not ours but hes always right on time. Yes I saw that mess a couple weeks ago and although it got 2 me for a quick minute I was immediately reassured I had no reason to be angry. People do a lot of nasty things when theyre intimidated or upset. At least I say it on my blog as ME! lolol. Oh well... evil doesnt win forever nor does it prosper. Ohhhh but okay.....everyone keeps laughing at me and no1 believes me but imma post it anyway so when yall hear about it yall can say "Royce said that!". I saw a Teradactyl! Yes, a dinosaur. It was flying in the air and no it wasnt a big Vulture! Im not crazy, I know what I saw! Laugh at me all you want but it WAS a Teradactyl or however you spell it! Imma try to go 2 sleep again now even tho my brain feels like its trying to escape my head! Is this what the FLU feels like? Ive never had it before so I dont know. If so, OMG! This is the worst feeling ever! I havent been this sick in YEARS! At least before the meds seemed to work for a lil bit. Right now they all seem to be rejected! Goodmornite!


Victoria said...

well i pray that the studio opens back up this summer. i am looking forward to it. let me know if you need help with anything!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sorry to hear that sister - have a great weekend

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