Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 19: Person who pesters me the most

You are on my mind everyday. You cause me to daydream. You cause me to write. You cause me to use my determination to push through.

Dear Conscience,

Thank you for entering my brain and my heart each day I am here on earth. Thank you for being in the back of my mind telling me who I am and what I deserve in my life. Thank you for keeping me sane and making good decisions. I appreciate the drive you give me when I want to give up. I respect the times you let me vent and pull me back before I go too far. With out you I would be a mess. You cause me to think before I react. I have grown so much in the past year and alot has to do with my maturity. Thank you for always helping me keep my sense of humor. Thank you for keeping me humble through everything. With out you I wouldnt still be laughing the night away to the point my stomach hurts and tears coming out my eyes. You have kept me whole, driven, and warm-hearted. You have dragged me back to reality when I steer away from my friends and family who truly love me. Thank you for always making me realize the importance of love instead of material things. Thank you for always making me understand money does not buy happiness. Thank you mostly for always making sure I put my son FIRST! The determination you give me to be successful has always been there. You have ALWAYS nagged me to be the best I can be in everything I ever participated in. I reached the levels I did because you pushed me to do so. I am the dancer I am today because of you. I pursued my acting career because of you. So many times I was told to get a "REAL job", but you were there to tell me this is your "REAL job". I am NOT meant to sit behind a desk for hours. Im meant to perform, Im meant to teach. Im meant to do exactly what it is I am doing. Entertain and Educate. Thank you for never letting me fail or give up. You were always that voice in the back of my head that never let anyone bring me down...not even now. People may be able to say whatever they want about me BUT what they cant take away is my TALENT! I am great and 1 of the best at what I do. I am always working on my crafts and you make sure you never let ANYONE interrupt that.

I am you,

You can say whatever it is you want to say about me...but...AT THE END OF THE cant take away...and you still say...
Thats good enough for me because thats who I am & Im proud of ME! Thank you! #POW! :o)

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