Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 16: Someone thats not in my state

Short and Sweet!

My Brother Tony,

Although we arent as close as we used to be you are still my brother. Half or not we are family. I remember growing up and seeing you a lot more than I do now but we were younger then. You've gone off and had 2 beautiful boys and I love them dearly. I wish I could see and spend more time with them and you but I understand. I wont forget the piggy back rides or spending those days and nights with Grandma aka "Mother". I was young so I cant remember any drama if there was any with the adults but I do remember the fun times and the laughs WE had which is all that matters to me. Im also not sure what happened to make things go from weekly visits to years of separation but thats in the past. I see your photos and my nephews at my parents house and I cant help but wish we were closer. However, now, it feels great knowing that I can talk to you a lot more now and its on our terms. Thank you for being there when I need you and sending your support and love at just the right times. You definitely have that protective trait that really makes me realize we are more than just halves...we are whole regardless. You could've just disappeared but you didnt. I dont think you realize how much that means & how much I appreciate you. You are for sure 1 of the men in my life that I know has my back through the good and the bad. You know me and you know my heart. We are Reed's! Always and forever! I miss you and I love you. We definitely need to keep in contact more and I want to see those little boys grow up more than just on Facebook.


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