Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 17: Someone from my childhood

This letter goes to 2 people!


Girl where the heck are you? What happened to us? We were inseparable all thru Middle School then we drifted. Nothing couldve told me we wouldnt be life long friends. I remember us writing a few times when we went off to HS but then it dwindled and went away. We have so many memories that are slowly fading and I wish I had more pictures. I remember the friendship bracelets and my Birthday Party and the Sheraton. I remember the t-shirts we made (so ugly) and we still wore them to school...maybe thats where my fashion got screwed lol. Anyways, Awilda Andrillon, if you are out there or if anyone reading this letter knows her, Ive been trying to locate you/her.


I dont know where you are either. You and Windy were my closest friends. You wouldve probably been my boyfriend if I couldve had 1 lol. I remember getting a spanking when my dad saw us walking in the field behind our house. We were just walking but I guess he was just nipping it in the bud just in case lol. Anyways, we kept in touch a few years in HS then we drifted too. From my childhood I remember the fun times I had with you and Windy most. I still have your letters that you folded up like an arrow or an envelope with the pull tab. lol. Those carefree days. What sucks the most is that I later found out that you were my cousin...WOW! Thank goodness you weren't my 1st kiss lol...that would've been weird. Anyways, if you or anyone else reads this letter please know I'm trying to locate you/him too.

I miss both of you. My favorite times in Middle School had you both in them. We may not have any deep conversations or memories since we were only like 12 but we did have and that in itself is a breath of fresh air!

Love yall,


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