Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 6: A stranger...

To the lady who came up to me in the Sprint Store in Tallahassee in 2001.

Ummmm Im not quite sure what your purpose was or if you were even working with a full deck but I havent been able to shake your words off of me in 10 years. I was with my friend Prince when you walked up to me and said "I dont normally do this but I have a strange pull bringing me to you. God is going to test you. You need to go to Church.".

I cant lie, I didnt feel like I was special, I thought you were crazy. Now... Im not so sure. I still remember what you looked like.....An African-American woman, short hair that kinda looked like a dry jerry curl, red or maroon looking shirt, jeans, and those ugly loafer shoes. You have to admit, you were looking a little unkempt so I hope you understand my standoffish attitude. I remember looking at you and saying something like "Ummm ok..." or "Ummm thank you...".

When you left, we laughed at you...(I said I wasnt perfect.). We laughed at your words, your clothing, your hair, everything. I brushed off everything you said. That SAME night Prince and I went to Walmart. After about 30 minutes of grocery shopping, laughing, joking, & talking about everything we found humorous we were about to go check out. "Wait, I forgot Orange Juice" Prince said. We turned around and went to the back of the store on the right side. I rushed him to pick a brand & he got a little annoyed. Once he picked one up and we began to walk away, ALLLLLLLLL the boxes on the replenishing cart fell. Im talking at least 50 big A** boxes. First thing that came to our mind...(Disclaimer: Remember we are broke college kids) was DAMMIT!

Prince: "Roooooooyce!

Me: "WHAT?!"

Prince: "We coulda been RICH!"

Me: "Huh?"

Prince: "You rushed me, those boxes were supposed to fall on us!"

Me; "Are you serious right now?"

Prince: "Hell yea Im serious! Dammit Royce!"

Me: "Sorry. Go lay under them then."

Prince: "Hit me with the Orange Juice."

Me: "You stupid."

Prince: ( A series of F bombs and other words that people say are French but Ive never seen them in the French Dictionary)

After that exchange we checked out and got in the car. He turned on Brandy (dont ask) and we went back to the On Campus apartments (Shout out to Phase III). That night, I dont know why, but it finally crossed my mind what you said to me. Maybe those boxes were supposed to knock some sense into me or warn me to stop laughing at you. Maybe it was a sign that I needed to take into account exactly what you said to me. I still dont know if you were sent by God or if you really were just a crazy lady. But with all Im going thru now, it does make me remember your words So, I dont know if that was the test THEN or if its what Im going thru NOW. But I just want to let you know.... excuse my language....But


Love u Prince! Hahahahahahaha!

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