Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1: My Best Friend

Lauren Lauren Lauren,

Girl from the day we first met till now its been a journey. You never ceased to amaze me with how great of a friend you are. From holding my head on your shoulders and wiping my tears, to literally fist fighting the night before your wedding. You are one of the most important people in my life and without you I don't know where I would be. Your constant support and refusal to let me fail or fall has been more than a blessing. I will never take you for granted and I will never let this friendship go.
Ive watched you become so successful in your career despite your trials and tribulations & believe me when I say your Grandfather is looking down on you and smiling. He is so proud of you and hes right there next to you thru everything.

Enough of the mushy stuff...
We have memories for days that we have to take to the grave. From the drunk nights to the ghetto pool slide! I will never forget that night you waited for me when I was walking around your neighborhood in the RAIN like I was in Love Jones with Mr You Know Who trying to figure out our relationship. Who knew we'd go thru some crazies with dogs and others who turned gay to finally finding our Prince Charmings! lol WOW!

I still remember telling you when I was pregnant. Your reactions I swear are so real and so honest but yet in some ways so wrong hahahahahaha. I love you for that. You know everything about me. I know everything about you. Standing next to you at your wedding was such and honor because you deserve so much to be happy. Braylon, Mr Ring bearer, enjoyed himself too Auntie Lawen lol. You already know when I walk down the aisle you're gonna be right there beside me dancing and all.

I will never forget the nights we woke up and could describe the whole night by saying "Dog..." or "What the F?". The simple fact we can stay on the phone and not say 1 word for 5 minutes because a show is on but not want to hang up is kinda ridiculous tho hahaha. I love you girl. You mean standing on rocks in heels and dresses to me. You mean riding Roller Coasters in Lightening Storms to me. You mean taking shots till they taste like water to me. You mean fist fighting and hair pulling in the driveway to me. You mean changing clothes in the car when a huge Semi stops next to us to me! You mean cursing out chicks in the club in our younger years to me. You mean "What happened last night, & why am I wearing this?" to me. You mean "Hey you up, I need to talk (at 5AM) to me. You mean those memories I cant write on here to me lol. Thru allllll these years, OMG we're old, we have so many memories. Fun times, emotional times, good days and bad You are my true ride or die. You tell me when I'm right and you tell me when I'm wrong. Regardless if its a trip to the mall or staging a getaway and cursing each other out while we are my BEST FRIEND and I love you.

Royce! '10/18/10

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