Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 7: My Ex


It was Fall of '99 at Florida A&M University. On the set, on a Friday, hundreds of people walking around, and for a split second I only saw you. Standing by the stairs talkin to your homeboys smiling and laughing. My heart jumped "OMG who is THAT?!" You were breathtaking, gorgeous, & let me tell it seemed as if you had a spotlight shining on you with angels singing like a movie. I stared at you like a little girl meeting Mickey Mouse for the 1st time. I was in awe. You definitely had me shook. Nothing was said, there was no eye contact, that was it....

Next semester, I joined Mahogany Dance Theatre. It was Spring of '00 and we had to support our brother organization the FAMU Strikers. While having fun with my new "sisters" and old friends from the dorm I saw you standing by the door with a Striker shirt on. "WHO IS THAT?" I asked Tisiphani. "Oh, thats Ramesh." she said. "OMG he is sooooooo FOOOOINE!" I responded. "He has a girlfriend." Titi said. "Nooooo." I cried. "Yep, your best friend." she said sarcastically. "Shutup!" I yelled.

That best friend was actually the ONE chick in Mahogany I didnt care for at the time (Sorry Nikki). My heart was hurt. I hadn't said 1 word to you but was still a little heartbroken. I saw you 1 more time that year. We smiled at each other and you tripped running across Howard Hall lol. I never saw you again for the rest of the year. I later found out you had to leave for health issues.

Fall '00. On the set, yet again, it happened. We officially met. We talked, we laughed, we stared at each other. I was in a state of bliss. You were now single. Those 1st 2 weeks we met on the set everyday. You'd walk me to cheerleading practice, then I'd see you at Mahogany/Striker practice. On September 10, 2000 we had our 1st kiss in front of the gym. From that day till now, however, on and off, however many arguments we had, however many tears were shed, we've had 10 plus years of memories. When we were both with other people, it was respected...kinda. We stayed friends. When we needed that ear to talk to or that shoulder to cry on we were there for each other. We have had some extremely rough times to where I swore id NEVER talk to you again or you swore you'd never forgive me, but that never lasted.

We are both in different stages of our lives but ill never forget how you made me feel the 1st time I saw you. I dont want to make this letter 2 long but Ill never forget falling in the bushes, our trips to the parks, Valentines Day Auction, Miami, ham and eggs, my doggie, your moms loving and caring ways/words (love her), Randa & Vish fightin for us 2 work (love yall), Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, party nights, going to practice together, St George, the car accident you had that freaked me out, using Erica as our mediator lol, the honesty pact after the mistakes, that night at Lux, that night at Bennigans.....laughing together, crying together, the moments you held my son, the moments you held me. You were my heart, and although you weren't my first boyfriend, you were my 1st love & that will never change.

Chocolate Bunny

(Sidenote: That's cake frosting from Braylons 1st Bday Party whn he hugged me covered in it)

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Lori said...

So sweet.. no matter how much love we find later.. we can never forget our first loves. :o)