Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 4: My Brother (Ryan aka Brudder)

Mooooooom!!!!! Daaaaaaad!!!!!! Im tellin!!!! Stooooop!!!!!! Get OUT!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! That was the extent of our vocabulary when it came to our relationship in our younger years. As we got older it became more of a protector of me. Whether you were trapping me underneath the covers while you farted or beating up my dolls with your transformers I knew you loved me. Regardless if I annoyed you when I was cracking jokes and laughin on the phone when your girlfriend called or slapping you with my training bra you still never let anyone pick on me or call me out my name.

Now, much older, our relationship has changed. It started in college when I went to my 1st party and you yelled at me for cleaning up alcohol when the cops came "What the hell are you doing Royce? You're not 21! Go sit down some where!". Right then is when I realized that you were much more than just a title of my brother. You were now my friend. You were my defender, and my guide. You were now someone I could go to for advice. You were now someone I could cry to and not be judged. Whether you were telling your friends "Thats my sister, you cant talk to her!" or "Royce, those are NOT SHORTS go put some clothes on" I felt like more than just Ryan's little sister lol. I didnt realize it then but you have always looked out for me and kept me from making a lot of mistakes. You always seem to know how to say things the right way to get thru to me whether its mean or nice. We have definitely had some ups and downs to the point ive wondered sometimes "What the heck is wrong with you and do you need help?!" to "Did you really just say that to me?!. But then it hits love me. Ive seen you go thru so much & still you are there for ME. Im your sister, and im your friend. Very strongminded you are, very blunt you are, very opinionated you are and I love you for it. Yes, youve made me cry on many occassions but more than that youve made me smile. Youve made me laugh. We have memories than a lifetime can hold. You knew about Braylon before I told you. I guess thats the bond we have. You knew something was different and waited until I told you. You never judged me, you were there for me. You are a wonderful Uncle and Braylon loves everything about you. He looks up to you and asks about you everyday! You're his homeboy! Youre Uncle Wyan! lol

Thru all the drama Im going thru now you are my protector. I see you stick up for me when everyone else was scared to. I see you go off because you know the things they say about me arent true. For everything you do, and for everything you say I appreciate you. I may not say it enough but you have gotten me thru so much these past few years especially this last one that if you hadnt been there for me I dont know where I'd be. Thank you so much for being such a great brother, for supporting me in every decision I've made, for loving me thru my mistakes, for helping me up when I fall, and keeping me up when I could barely stand. I love you Brudder and you mean the world to me!

Sidder :o)

*_rists* <-inside joke


Lori said...

So sweet :o) I love you guys :o)

womenbehindthem said...

Thank you for the story you posted.It reminds me of myself growing up in New York me in my sisters7 of us.It was hard for us so many times going to school we always had to put on a act a lot of times.All the times we went through school they never knew what we went through after school.We went out in the Streets a many of times for food in clothes.I don't put ppl down because everyone have a story to tell.I'm proud to be following such a wonderful human being on twitter.The world will never change until someone stands up first.I will be 52 in Dec.In your story tells the truth about our country all over thank you.Keep being strong in god in no one can break or tear down your mountain.I love you rece.

Anonymous said...

damn u look amazing in that dress

Candice said...

so beautiful! brought tears to my eyes.

msjay_monet said...

Great blog cuz! You all remind me so much of my big sister and myself. We hated each other until she went away to college, and now I can say that we are the best of friends. (btw, Hampton U is the BEST HBCU in the land). I even followed in her footsteps by going to Hampton, instead of attending FAMU like the rest of the Monroe clan. Keep supporting each other just like family should do!!!!