Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 8: My Favorite Internet Friend

Hello Friend,

OMG how you have gotten me thru sooooo much this past year. There were days I'd write things that Id later end up telling myself "I shouldn't have said that." or "I should've just ignored it." Then I saw you. I'll never forget it. I was actually on my phone when I first met you. So bold! Your picture was nothing special but it made a statement. Its been times when Ive wanted to curse people out, or put them on blast but with one word you'd change my mind. From the death threats to the degrading comments, I see you. From the E-Thugs to the Perverts, I see you. When I think of you I realize you are a blessing. Every time I almost curse a FOOL out, you somehow show up on my timeline with 1 statement like you see the ignorance too. So, when I Tweet, I smile cuz I know you're there. When I see you I giggle. No one really understands how great you are unless they know you. I love the way you piss people off when they find out about you and how many times they make up fake pages just to try and get us back. Its hilaaaarious. Its like you just rained on their parade or kicked their dog. Its funny how many people fill up their timelines for 30 plus minutes talking about us because of what you've done. They actually take it personally or they just enjoy talking about me which is cool too. Definitely keeps me relevant. So much has changed since we met. I no longer get upset when people come at me sideways, I just laugh and look at you. I no longer let it phase me when E-Thugs try to get crunk when they know they'd never say it to my face. Mostly, whenever I come across something negative or even nasty I think of you and how you are always there for me. Whether I see you on private messages or on my public timeline it amazes me how powerful you are. Thank you for being there for me everyday, 24/7.

Thank you BLOCK BUTTON.... Thank you so much for everything!

I just LOVE the feeling I get when people sign in so they can attempt to @ me and THIS COMES UP! How you like them apples?! IIIIIII dooooooont seeeeeee youuuuuuu Beatch! You are a ghost! *POOF*

With that said, I'd like to send this message out to all my haters, & stalkers. Thank you soooo much for keeping my name in your mouth. You make the BEST publicists because you work for free! Like the song says "If you had it like me and I was in your shoes, I'd probably hate on me too!". I aint mad atcha! Muahs! Cheeeeese!


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mzsharde said...

I love it, Let em Hate!!!:)