Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Its been a loooooong time! I looked at the date of my last post and was like SERIOUSLY? Anyways, pretty much the same story...working at my studio! However, BRAYLON IS WALKING! YEPPERS! He started on Sept 22 actually and has been going ever since. He turned 10 mos on Sept 18 so 4 days after he was officially a Toddler. Its so cute! He looks like a Frankenstein but hes so proud of himself he smiles and laughs every step he takes. Now hes trying to run tho so he gets mad when he falls. Hes also taking swimming and hes doing really well. The studio officially opened September 29 (1st wk of October) and it looks GREAT if I do say so myself! Im a little upset with Tmobile since my sidekick completely stopped working and after 45mins they asked me how old my SIM card was. I said ummmm over 2yrs...they proceeded to say "Maam, ure supposed to change out ur sim card every 6mos to 2yrs, thats why its not connecting to the tower!". Im pissed...did any1 else know that or am I just slow??? So basically Ive upset a few ppl I was supposed to meet up with because I had no way to contact them and I left the business phone at the office. On a sad note, I feel like a horrible Doggymommy because I dropped my minipom and he hurt himself. Hes doing better but hes still a little disoriented. Hes running and playing but you can tell hes still in some pain so Ive been trying to show him a lil more love lately than I usually do. Thats about it so Im outtie!!! Hollerrrrr!

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David Oliver said...

Hey, didn't know you had a blog as well. Very nice posts. Holla!