Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Much needed night out!

Life has been hard lately but Im trying to push through. Like they say, "When life gets too hard to stand, kneel!". So Ive been praying for a change lately. Ive learned to never say things cant get any worse because THEY CAN and they HAVE! Its okay tho because Im a strong person and even tho the tears may fall constantly for a few days I know they wont last forever. I really dont understand how people can be so cold hearted and evil. I dont understand how you can say for so long you dont want to be like something or someone and be JUST like them in the end. How can you try to play someone with another in the same city, especially when i know EVERYBODY here...almost?! But, whatever! I feel like some years have been wasted but I know they taught me a lesson.

So...with that said, I went out to 1st Fridays downtown. I also stopped by Whispers Sat night for about an hour but I was clubbed out from the night before. No, I dont go out a lot but when I do I like to have you can see by the pics! I felt a lot better even tho I had to catch myself from crying a few times so I ran to the bathroom. Anyways, funny story...You know how you get real crunk when your "jam" comes on? Well, back in the day that "jam" used to be "F^ck them other N's" <---I HATE that word by the way and ull never hear me say it...maybe in a song...maybe...ok back to the story... Okay so the song started playin and we're all huddled up like a pack of football players rockin back in forth singin the words "B!tch, Im down w? no limit, and ill ride for tha cause, im the N on the tank w/ the big f^ckn balls....blah blah blah u kno the rest...well, apparently someone thought our huddle was their group and she kinda huddled up with us and was jammin...we're all lookin like who is this chick, and she has her eyes closed like she is sooo feelin it...we kinda back away and was just looked at her trynna figure out if shes drunk, high, or just different...well when she opened her eyes she looked at us like WE were crazy and her girls were behind her ROLLING! We didnt wanna laugh right in front of her but its kinda contagious when 1 person...just 1 person does that snicker and then every1 bursts cuz they cant hold it anymore. I felt so bad...okay no i didnt but i could tell she was soooo embarassed.
I promise it was funny if you were there...not so much when you read it but whatever Im not deleting lolol. Aight im outtie! Hollerrrrrr!

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