Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vice President Who???

Okay seriously,
I didnt wanna have to do this but I have to. Is it me or is McCain and his whole party full of it? Ive been watching the Republican Natl Convention merely for sh!ts and giggles and thats exactly what I got. Every speaker theyve had has yet to say what they want to do, or how theyre going to do it. Its always bashing Obamas campaign and even his family...I thought that subject was off limits? What made me write this post was Sarah Palin...I thought her speech was absolutely ridiculous. It was like she was kissing his ass. She never once mentioned what she was going to do, or how she would try to help McCain. Sooo exactly what is she supposed to be bringing to the table? All I saw and heard was either negativity or her giving all McCains accolades. Well, she was also talking about her family a lot but again WHO IS SHE? Who is Sarah Palin? I want to know about her! Regardless if Im voting Republican or not, I still want to know what SHE PLANS TO DO OR HER ADVICE TO OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT WHO IS NOW 72! If you listen to her speech again, you'll notice what I mean. Its crazy. So she was in the PTA and a Soccer Mom...SO! What I also found hilarious was how fake the reactions could even see the panel being told "kiss the baby", "smile", "look serious", "stand up". Wow! Im not gonna blog about this too long but my last comment is on how monkey see monkey do McCain is. Everything Barack does, well, he does it too. This is so sad. If America really votes that man into office, we are going into a National Depression. This man thinks its the poor people fault theyre living in poverty. But like Obama said "What boots?". lolol Im out, Ill Holla!

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