Friday, September 19, 2008

I know Im Behind Already

Okay Okay Okay... I know Im weeks behind but just to give u an update on my life. Ive been really working hard on getting this dance studio ready. Its coming together beautifully and Im extremely excited. The final part and main part which is the dance floor comes in on Monday. Im sooooo anxious to see it put together. Its a state of the art Sprung Dance Floor so its gonna be siiicccckkkk! The Ballet Barres came in finally so ive been putting those together and all the marketing memorabilia such as the pens, water bottles, shirts and hoodies (yes hoodies in FL but it gets cold sometimes ppl) are here! We had our photoshoot also so Ill be posting those pics soon also. Ive been getting quite a few phone inquiries about the studio too so Im happy about that. I dont expect all 22 classes to fill up in the 1st few months but hopefully by the end of the year Ill be breaking even. It honestly brings tears to my eyes because this studio is a life long dream of mine and its finally coming true. I have my own business, a dream business and its 100% MINE!!!!! Sole owner! Diversity Dance Company, LLC! Woop Woop On a side note...
Braylon is 10 months old and hes a complete ham! I love him soooo much! Thats my life! Our life! Things are better and God is Good so Yaaaay God! I know this isnt much for a blog but at least you know Im still here! I promise to write more before Monday. Im sure Ill have quite a few funny stories to catch u up on! Till later...Hollerrrrrrrr!

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Gayle W. Bartholomew said...

Hi Royce,
I had the opportunity to visit your dance studio this December 2008 and could only reply with this comment: The place was awesome. It was a FIERCE experience. I had a chance to observe you and your staff perform your very first concert and was impressed to know that it was inspired by a Christian experience.
Your willingness and desire to succeed... despite the hurdles you've had and have to cross, simply makes me respect you more for the young woman you have strived to become.
I strongly encourage you to continue being a good mother, a prosperous individual, and most of all, keep your head to the Hills... for this is where you draw your strength.
Meeting your son was a joy. Meeting his father was quite an experience. My perception, he was a fine gentleman whom I looked up to(literally and figuratively). he was just as human as we all are, down to earth and full of laughter. So be patient, do what you both have to do to raise that bundle of joy I had the experience of babysitting and sharing Christmas with. Always remember, life have a way of putting us in the path of wind that can either push us back or move us forward. Try standing in the path of the later, keep a smile on your face, love and joy in your heart, and just watch the stars in the sky become your limit. Continue to soar.
Love and Peace
Ms. Gayle W. Bartholomew
A New Orleans Gumbo Queen