Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay, so I must admit...I looked sooooo good 2nite it should be illegal. I was jealous of myself. I know that may sound cocky but if you had seen me...oooooweeeee it was SICK! I meant to take a picture but everytime I was about to I ended up doing something else. By the time I got out of the club my hair sweated out and I was a lil tipsy. Therefore, it wouldnt have been a fierce picture, but trust me, I looked HOT! I almost tried to holla at myself when I looked in the mirror. hahahahaha, Well, Im extremely tired and I have to let the Graffiti artist in the Studio sometime tomorrow so Im gonna call it a night! I see a lot of you are reading my blog and I appreciate it. I got the idea from a few friends who thought it would be a great way for me to release but I didnt know Id get almost 250 hits in 3 days! Thanks for the love even tho yall dont leave comments lolol. Ive noticed a few interesting people on blogspot also. Its good to see so many career oriented and goal driven individuals. I enjoy reading their blogs as they reach certain milestones. It gives our generation hope! Till later, Ill holla!

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