Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today was such a good day I had to blog about it. Every part of it was awesome. Thats why I chose that photo. Love, Friendship and Hugs. 1st I have to give a shout out to my mom...its her Birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Whats funny is she has never even seen this blog. Until last week she thought I meant blog on myspace. Shes not too keen on this idea because she knows how I can vent sometimes and write unnecessary things or put out too much information about my personal issues. Gotta love her. Shes right but Im learning. I bought a journal so I put all the deep stuff in there.

First, however, Id like to give this weeks shout out to the Dentist Office in Maitland. I wont put your full business name on here since I dont get paid for advertising. Youve been coming to my blog 4 times a day, everyday and I really appreciate it! Thanks for the love! (wink wink).

2nd! I had a really good conversation with someone today who really put my heart at ease. Thanks a bunch! I feel a lot better! Hope...Faith....and God!

3rd! All my Christmas decorations are up and Braylon looooooves them! He's been trying to grab all the Tree Ornaments and anything else he can reach but its fun seeing his eyes get big and glow when he sees the tree light up or the candles lit. Theres a Christmas Winnie the Pooh thats his size also and he runs to it when he sees it. Its soooo cute. He LOOOOOVES Pooh Bear! This is his 1st real Christmas since last year he was still smushface and we didnt have ANY decorations at all cuz I was wakin up with him every hour. I was a Zombie in '07 now im a true Mommy in '08. I cant wait to start baking cookies and cakes next week and letting him lick the beater from the bowl like I used to...well still do lolol. Im anticipating getting all his gifts and putting them under the tree when he falls asleep. OMG Im so excited. But back to today. Braylon does not act like your average 1 year old. Hes been playing chase since he was 9 months old and 2day he started putting his toys back in his toy chest. I was soooo shocked. I know its a small thing but to me its a big deal. I watched him with my mouth wide open and he turned around after he put 1 toy in and smiled...then he ran to me laughing. It was the cuuuuutest thing. He knows the meaning of No also so each time he goes after a tree ornament and i say no he turns around, crosses both hands across his chest and lifts his shoulder up. Hahahaha. He is such an angel. Hes the biggest blessing in the world and I honestly cant imagine my life without what did I do before lolol.

I got the letter saying I can transfer my dance studio to Non-Profit! SO that means I can scholarship A LOT of kids and get them off the streets. Ill be able to do soooo much more than I can do now and Im extremely excited about that. I foresee my studio being the Alvin Ailey of Central Florida but more diverse!

Speaking of the Studio! The adult company aka the Elite Dance Company of Diversity Dance Company are performing as the Soul Entertainment this Saturday at 6PM. We are performing 4 routines at New Covenant Baptist Church in Orlando, FL for their Founders Day Celebration. Its going to be great! Theres 7 of us dancing this show! Come and show your support and join the Church if you havent found a Church Home and you like it. Ive been attending there for a while and I love it. Its not 2 big, not 2 small. Its just right and its very prestigious in Orlando. To learn a little about them go to Mrs Bracy holds a delegate seat, Rev Bracy is president of the NAACP Chapter here in Orlando and they have done a lot for our City and beyond. I could go on and on about who attends the Church but that doesnt matter, its just a GREAT CHURCH and I love that everyone knows, helps, and give advice to each other!

Im alive! I woke up today! On top of that I woke up extremely tired, bought a new phone, and started my day. I thought it was going to be a bummer but as the time went on and the Holiday spirit got to me, the day just got better and better! I Love it! Im so happy right now! Im looking forward to what happens in the new year because I think a lot of things are going to change. Well, Ill rephrase that... I KNOW a lot of things are going to change and Im anticipating a lot of shock and happy people! lolol. Peace out! Holler! Im outttiiiiieeeeeeeee!

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