Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to work....

Today I went back to work at my Dance Studio. When I tell you it all hit me at once, Im swamped. We have a show coming up where our Elite Company which is the adults are performing 4 dances that we have 3 days 2 make up, clean and perform to the utmost ability...and we will. Im not worried...just sore. Business is picking up and I think in order to get the inner city kids Im trying to help Im going to have to turn into a non-profit dance studio so they know for a fact its free. Its more about them than anyone else. Gotta love the kids....but speaking of kids. Im once again without a phone because Braylon my son broke mine AGAIN tonight while we were rehearsing. I could kinda tell it was done because he banged it one to many times before I could get it from him. You know that point where your head kinda tilts because you think you know something but you have no idea??? Yea, thats how it felt when he thru it down the last time and walked away from it like he was proud of himself. It was literally like 5 seconds before I got to him. Oh well, its just a phone. I didnt really like the G1 that much anyways....okay I did but I miss my sidekick. I kinda have this thing about buying the same phone in a row so after I dropped my sidekick in the water while I was getting a pedicure(dont laugh, I know my feet are ugly but I still try dangit lolol) I decided to get the G1. Now, Im going back to the kick... I really like the Blackberry Touch but Tmobile doesnt carry it so blah. On top of that...last night I decorated my place for Braylons 1st real Christmas. What can I say but it almost looks like a magazine...almost...Im getting there... Anyways, we built a Gingerbread House...it was really cute and I was soooooo proud of it. I put the house together myself and had some help putting on the candy. I was soooo excited! Well, after it was finished and I kept fighting everyone, even Braylon, from stealing all the candy balls, I took a shower to get all the frosting off. After that, I put Bray down to sleep and went back downstairs. My beautiful Gingerbread House...my Masterpiece...collapsed. The walls fell off and the side with the door was on the floor broken in half with my dog JJ eating the little pieces. I literally just stood by the stairs and looked at it. My mouth dropped. I was soooo proud of it yall! My heart sunk and then Christy walks in and just BURSTS out laughing! I just looked at her and dropped my head. I walked over, tried to put it back together then just settled for it laying on top of each other. Thats where it is now, and thats where it will STAY until the Day after Christmas! I had a picture, but I took it on my phone...we already know what happened with that lolol. Hahahahahaha! Well, Im sleepy now, so Imma call it a night. Im outtie! Hollerrrrr!

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