Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from Vacation...

Hawaii was fun! I went with my parents, my brother and my son Braylon. It was soooo beautiful. I tell you, living in Orlando...well Florida period, we dont have anything that really screams culture. We also dont have the Natural Scenery that makes you stop and stare. I definitely didnt take my trip for granted. We went to almost every Beach on the Island of Kauai and also went to the Canyons, and waterfalls. We saw a Luau and I learned how to Hula Dance. They called me out from the audience during the actual show because they saw me learning earlier and thought I was good (they never knew I was a real dancer so thats our little secret lolol). One thing special about the island we were on was the fact that they had Roosters and Chickens running around like regular birds. NO LIE! It was crazy! We actually got chased by a Rooster when we were trying to get back in the car from the Souvenier Shop. Along with that I got my big Coconut and we chewed some wild Sugarcane. Oh, we also had some fruit that comes from Dubai called Rambuton...or something like that and it was sooooo good. Im a fruit freak so I looooove trying new fruits. Persimmons are my FAVORITE by far!

One of the beaches we went to was closed due to the high waves but we took pictures. They were literally 18-20 feet high! I was like dang is this Hawaii 5-O? I thought the movies just enhanced waves but when we saw them we were like wtf! They had some surf competition while we were there too and it showed a guy surfing a wave over 20 feet high wipeout and not come up for like 2 minutes. Everyone was like ummmmmm.....but hes fine. He didnt go back in tho hahaha. We ate pretty much everything cultural while there from pig to lychee nuts. I fed the birds that just fly in your room like they belong there. They eat out your hand and it makes you feel like youre in paradise. There were Turtle Doves, red birds, some bird that were black, orange and white and some others. I may sound lame but its the little stuff like that that makes me smile and happy. Doesnt take much huh? hahaha It was a great experience and I definitely want to go back. I love going to other Cultures and learning about them. I was born in Orlando but a lot of people ask me "What are you?". I say Black but yea I do have some other ish in me. Dominican, Seminole and just Black actually lol. I dont just say it, I really am...I just dont brag because I dont speak another language and although I was raised to know alot about my personal culture I still want to learn more. I love being BLACK! I love my history, my ancestors, what we as a people have come thru and become. Theres some races that have NO culture or traditions at all. I cant imagine that. I dont know how you would keep up a conversation with no culture, no traditions, no real history....what would you teach your kids...what would you talk about? I dont know I just think its kinda boring. Well, till later, Im outtie! Holler!

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