Thursday, December 11, 2008

AWWWWWWW SHOOOOOOOT! I HAVE HIT THE 10,000 HITS MARK! Thanks for the love! Life is good! Everything is working out. God is definitely on my side and keeping my mind at ease. You know the saying "When life gets too hard to stand...Kneel!". Well 2 months ago I did that and ever since things have been slowly but surely picking themselves back up. I think God has a way of slapping you (meaning bringing obstacles you think you cant conquer) so you remember who He is and what He's there for. I tend to forget sometimes so he slaps me alot. Im learning tho. Im happy. Ive made sure that every night I pray and if I 4get to get on my knees on the side of the bed I give my thanks and promises to Him in my pillow. When I wake up I try to thank Him for life and if I forget, when I do remember, even if its 3PM I say it then. Theres too many blessings Ive been given to let small things get in the way. Im writing again which is a good purge for me so I dont always lash out and make rash decisions. Of course my deep thoughts go in my personal journal. Im excited Christmas is almost here. Its one of my favorite Holidays. I like baking and decorating and just the warm feeling you get around this time.

On another note...funny story...I went to get a Slurpee (Coke Flavored) the other night and my son was with me. This older lady comes up to me and first says "Put a hat on that babys head its cold outside". I looked at her, tried to stay respectful and said "We're inside now maam.". Mind you Braylon was wearing a Warmup Suit with that had a Hoody on it so clearly he had the hoody on when I first walked in the store. 2nd, she said "I tell you these kids these days havin these babies so young, just ruinin their lives". Okay sooooooo I said I TRIED to stay respectful right?! Well...when she made that statement she said it walkin off so I politely (NOT) said "Excuse me?". She turned around and she said it back to me "Excuse me?". I said "Did you say something?". She said "Youre a baby, you dont know how to raise a child, youre a child yourself. You cant be over 15 or 16". I had to catch myself but I said "Well, first of all maaaaaam, Im not a child, im 28 years old and Im a great mother. I have a College Degree and I own my own Company. But for future reference, even if I WAS 15 years old, youre not my mother and that doesnt give you a right to criticize my parenting. Have a good night.". Now, maybe that was kinda rude but I dont care. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE ASSUME ISH ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE! EVEN IF I WAS 15 HOW DOES SHE KNOW IF I WAS A GOOD MOTHER OR NOT?! Anyways, like I always say, Braylon has and will ALWAYS have 1 mother. I dont need people puttin in their 2 cents. He's happy and Im always getting compliments on how well Im raising him...THAAAAAANKS! I laughed it off when I got home with my SuperSized Coke Slurpee! Woop Woop! Hahaha

Moving on... CAYLEE ANTHONY...WOW! I"ll have to touch on that tomorrow! But thank God they found her...

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