Thursday, August 28, 2008

As the World Turns.....

Well, its 124AM and I JUST finished my day! I edited my last post because I realized it was maybe a bit of TMI if you know what I mean. I enjoy blogging and writing but I have to learn how to just let things go that I can not change. The past two days have been really hectic. Ive had soooo much to do in so little time. On a good note the Studio is 90% painted and the graffiti artist comes in Sunday night to start on the black wall. Its gonna look sooooo good! Off to random it bad to eat a pickled hot sausage, cheetos puff, some grapes and cherries, with a Fanta Strawberry Soda right now??? Im gonna let some loose tonight...hopefully they wont be too bad to where they wake me out of my sleep lolol. Okay im back..... I got a lot of stuff done the past 2 days... I put a reception desk together all by myself from scratch (i look cute with my toolbelt on and my hair in a ponytail with sweats on), I purchased all the business supplies from Office Depot, took my girl out to lunch for her birthday and I did my show at Holyland. Loooong day but I got through ok. Can u believe they turned over 700 people away from our show tonight??? CRAZY! On a good note, since the last post (before I edited it) was a little ventful, Now on a political note...DID YOU SEE BARACK OBAMA LAST NIGHT! OMG IM SO CRUNK! He Sooooo needs to win! BUT THEN DID YOU SEE THAT MCCAIN DUDE? Hes dumb, Im sorry. How obvious could he be! We allllll knew he was gonna do that! If Barack had chosen Hillary he wouldve chosen a black man! Duuuuh! But like my good friend said "You cant put another woman in Hillary's pantsuit and expect to get those votes!". We ALLLLL need to be registered and we ALL need to actually take the time out to go to the polls and VOTE! Dont just register so you get a free keychain or a ticket to a concert by P. Diddy (even tho that sounds cool) lolol. Just DO IT! We need a change! Our America is in a recession and its just gonna get worse! Much worse! I cant stand to see so much poverty among us due to job loss and the "Rich People" not caring. Yes, its no secret I have a lil change but thats not the point! Look at what im doing! Im giving back! We all need to do that by changing the face of the White House. With that Im OUTTIE! Hollerrrrr! Shout out to T.G. I know youre stalking me lolol just kidding! BUt I know youre reading! Peeeeaaaccceeee!

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