Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone. Im extremely excited and ready for this year. I have so many blessings Im ready to grasp and claim. Although I may not be super religious I do know God is Real and God is Good! 2009 was a test of faith and maturity and I think I conquered it for the most part. I am not perfect but I think I did well. I never gave up and I never let drama or negativity consume me. I simply walked away. Thank all of you so much for all your support and prayers and please keep them coming. Im taking 2010 head on and I promise to make those that matter proud. Im on a mission to pursue my career again and I have the drive and determination to do that again. My pride is back and my life is happy. Ill post about my plans for this year sometime tomorrow or Saturday and Im really excited about them. Im smiling again genuinely and Im giddy with joy! I love all of you that have never given up on me and have always said "Royce, you know who you are and WE who know YOU, know who you are...thats all that matters"....well you know what? Youre right! That is all that matters! Im sitting here smiling with Braylon wide awake next to me hahaha and I think hes feeling the energy of happiness and success too! Happy Freakin New Year Everyone! Be safe! Be Blessed! Be Happy! Be You! 2010 HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GNITE!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Royce!!! 2009 was a challenging year for you but you made It through. I know you're a stronger woman from the BS you dealt with. Keep going. Much love.

Boa. :)

jossy said...

2009 was really hard for me .. & i can relate to some of the things that u went through that happened to me . im only 19 years old single mother of a 2 year old daughter. & reading all ur blogs and stuff made me realize so muchh .. god bless you . :]]